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Waiting for CS:GO

By S 'Speekynza' D
Oct 19, 2011 23:15

CS:GO has been scheduled to come out in early 2012. Some beta tests have started in October, but there still isn't a closed beta for gamers to get the keys and start testing.

Well, I've been waiting for Global Offensive to have a closed beta for some time now. There were a lot of videos posted everywhere saying all sorts of stuff. The most false story is that CS:GO will have a campaign mode for single player like in Condition Zero.

JMT Games had an interview with Chet Faliszek and Ido Magal about the game. They've denied the information so bad luck guys if you were hoping for some cool campaigns. They've also revealed that in game is going to be based with only five versus five gameplay. It's about right for the level of competitiveness and strategy.

Aswell, PC players are going to be able to play with players using their PS3, ofcourse there is going to be support for keyboard and mouse.

For the end I give you some leaked gameplay taped by gamers.

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