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By Michael 'SPILLOUT' Malzer
Feb 2, 2009 14:49

Since joining SK Gaming, the Console Team had the chance to talk to many gamers who are interested in being a part of us. SK Gaming "Rainbow Six" or "Gamerscore"? No, not everyone we are talking to is directly a new member despite some sites spread ridiculous news every few days...
So a short and clear statement: When there is something new, you can read it here on SK Gaming!

We read a lot of "news" a saw many people discussing them very serious but they were complete nonsense. We do not give out any insider-news to a single bulletin board or website.
Please consider this when you read another "breaking news" about SK Gaming Console in the future.

3 Days left until GamesCom

By Michael 'SPILLOUT' Malzer
Aug 16, 2010 01:11

Tomorrow I´m travelling to Cologne to check the SK & Bigben Interactive booth.
One day before the fair opens for the press and two days left until it starts for the public, I'll start a test run of the whole setup so that all our competitions run smoothly.
Don't miss the chance to win some stuff like Bigben-Hardware and, when you win against one of our players, even Games!

Hope to see you in Cologne, Area 7.1, B044!

Webcomic 01/2010

By Michael 'SPILLOUT' Malzer
Mar 21, 2010 19:51

Another nice one from "Virtual Shackles".
There seems to be a rule in Halo that in every game has to be at least one idiot who thinks this is funny...

Webcomic week 31/2009

By Michael 'SPILLOUT' Malzer
Nov 29, 2009 16:02

I´m stumbling upon some really funny Webcomics when i'm online. Some are multiplayer-gaming related and i want to share them in the future ;)

Source of this comic:

Thriller for free

By Michael 'SPILLOUT' Malzer
Jun 28, 2009 18:05

Microsoft offers the Michael Jackson Musicvideo "Thriller" for free on the US Xbox Live Marketplace - a good chance for all fans to get this one.

But don't loose to much time: This special is only till Sunday night!

Console section is up!

By Michael 'SPILLOUT' Malzer
Mar 25, 2009 00:32

Finally you can read everything about the XBox360-Team in its own Section on the SK Gaming-Homepage.
Just like in the other channels, everyone can upload his own console-stuff like videos and albums to show it to the community.
Surely it's not yet completely finished, there will be more console-releated news and you will also be able to bet on the upcoming matches.
We hope you enjoy it!
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