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By Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström
Oct 28, 2010 12:24


As you all have seen i havent played any online match with my team lately, except for the one against myRevenge and thats the only cs i have played for 4 weeks.

Ive been really sick i really dont what to go into specifics but im better now, my health is not back 100% yet but i will be there.

I wont go to China to compete with the team tho. You will see delpan play for me and walle will do the ingame roll.
I hope they will do good and i think they will, its gonna be weird to sit home and watch HLTV when my team play a match, was a very long time ago i watched SK on live HLTV =)

Im gonna play the online matches from now on and hopefully i can be back in shape in cs aswell.

Thanks to everyone that wrote me good wishes about my health, and im glad that there is alot of people that want me back!

So big thanks to you, and GOODLUCK SK in China! im gonna be the nr 1 HLTV spectator for sure!


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