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Hello !!

By Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström
Aug 31, 2010 14:34

Hello friends!

Was thinking of making a bit of an update for you guys, whats going on right now and whats comming up..!?

So lets see, we won nordic WCG qualifer in soumi couple of weeks ago, after that we have been taking a big break.
I went to Cyprus, Aiya Napa for 1 week. I went there with my gf and we really had a great time. Mostly spending the time on the beach or in a bar at the beach:)

Anyways, few days ago we started our practice again, comming up is SEC in Berlin this weekend and were trying to get in good shape so we can be able to beat MTW that i see as our biggest threat.

SK Gaming
The Elder Gods
Power Gaming

Well as a said i see mTw as the favorite to reach the final along with us.

Alternate i have no idea how good they are this days, havent played them for a really long time, so its hard to say.

I think power gaming can do some damage in the tournament for sure, this finnish guys that always play with no respect rushing around and just beeing annoying to play against is always hard:)

WCG Nordic was my first event with SteelSeries brand new 7H and I tell you it was completely sick. I can't even find the words to describe how good it actually is..

Soo, hope you can follow us this weekend and hopefully we can take home the 1st place.
Have a great day.


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