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By Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström
Feb 27, 2009 00:32

Hello everyone!

Now we have been bootcamping for a week. Feels alot better now than when we first came here :)
First of all we had a long break so i dident play much myself under x-mas etc. Then i hurt my back in a wierd way.
I fell into a ditch with my back first. Had to call a ambulance to pick me up for a ride he he. But now i can walk again so its cool.

As i said we have been here for a week and were starting to get in good shape. Been practicing alot against russian teams lately. Looking forward to cebit now, im hoping for a good tournament, and if we play like we have this last days we have a really good chance place ourself first @ EM.

Saturday me and Dennis(walle) gonna go to Norrköping to play UGT 1on1 tournament. I dont know about that, i never play aimmap and will probleby lose :DDD:D:D

Last word to Jimmy von Allén, HI JIMPANhehehe..

Thanks bye =)))

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