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What is up with Battle.Net?

By Patrik 'Raistlinho' Hellstrand
Oct 7, 2005 14:10

For those of you who check from time to time, should have noticed the splash screens you get when entering it.
My initial thought was StarCraft 2, of course, as the StarCraft addict I am. Although, when thinking again - probably not. Nothing is said about it on, and it would be weird if only a sub-page to Blizzard should have something as important as the release of the best game in the world.
Instead, I think it will be something that has to do with Battle.Net. I hope for something done with the ladder in StarCraft, but then again, what are the Diablo and WarCraft faces doing there? Maybe something with World of [game]? Although, an expansion was announced just a couple of days ago, so that's probably not it. I'm so excited! I'm about to lose control, and I like it.
I wrote an article on GosuGamers, where else? Check it out here:
Cheers! If it's StarCraft 2, I'm going to celebrate.
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