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Gathernuke Streams

By Daniel 'RAGE2k' Anderson
Nov 10, 2011 14:42

Hello everyone,

Some of you probably recognize me as the owner of Denuke Community and as the graphic designer who made art works based on the Counter-Strike scene.

This time I'm here to announce about something some of you are aware of , and the others aren't.
There's a project running for several months , gathering the best European players to one gather channel , and they are all playing with each other every day.

We have decided to stream some of the matches , as long as we have available people to run the stream , which means that we will stream gathers and even matches from tournaments/LAN events as long as we can!

In some of our gather streams you will be able to hear one team from their ventrilo , so you can hear them speak while playing - which is a unique experience in streams , and we are here to offer that when it's possible.
When it's possible? when they speak English.
In other matches we will use our commentator aka "techno".

We will use guest commentators from time to time, to give a more professional point of view.

- How can I stay updated and know exactly when the stream is ON and who is playing?

The answer is very simple and all you need to do is join our IRC channel on called #STREAM , there on the channel topic we will tell you exactly if the stream is ON/OFF , plus , we tell you which voices you hear in-game and the lineups.
When a match ends , we will make sure to update you whether we continue to stream or not.

Every match we stream will eventually turn in to a VoD that you can watch over and over whenever you want, in case you missed the game, or just want to watch it again!
We are also going to open a YouTube channel and upload some of the VoD's there, but not all of them, as we still want people to watch them in the original website - so stay tuned for that as well.

I'll make sure to update you here on SK Gaming blogs when needed , since we plan to make some surprises soon.
Stay tuned!

Now remember, to stay updated 24/7 join our IRC channel on Quakenet:

Our Facebook fan page:

Yours truly,
Daniel "RAGE2k" Anderson
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