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MLG Team Lineups Changed Again

By P 'Pookz' ookz
Oct 18, 2009 20:49

In a recent article I wrote about how Ensidia will be replacing the MLG Wildcard winning team “For the Alliance.” It seems that, yet again, the MLG team lineup has changed since Ensidia is no longer attending.

It really has been chaos trying to figure out who the 8th spot is going to be given to. First we had Ensidia given the spot as an 8th team. Then it turned out that they could no longer attend so MLG hosted an online Wildcard tourny with eight unsponsored teams to determine who will grab the 8th spot. The winner of the Wildcard tournament would get their hotel and travel expenses funded by compLexity. After Huggerz, Beastlol, and Avalon won the MLG Wildcard tournament with their PHD comp, they found out that Avalon couldn't actually attend the event. In this case it was only logical to give the spot back to Ensidia who was originally the first choice.

It turns out that the 2nd place MLG Wildcard team Snutz, Brogo, and Masssive playing Shadowcleave (Warlock, DK, Druid) are the ones chosen by compLexity to attend Anaheim. The team will be going as a second compLexity team and receive jerseys, funding etc. for this event.

Is this the final team lineup for Anaheim? Who knows..

SK Europe (Warlock, DK, Druid) - Inflame, Another, Enigmz
SK US (Priest, Mage, Rogue)- Realz, Pookz, Enforcer
Button Bashers (Mage, Priest, Rogue)- Orangemarmalade, Numberone, Hiren
Fnatic (Warlock, Shaman, Rogue) - Yog, Douja, Woundman
Complexity (Rogue, Mage, Priest)- Reckful, Venruki, Sodah
EG (Rogue, Lock, Shaman)- TBD
Check 6 (Hunter, Paladin, Enhancement Shaman)- Twixz, Toez, Flexxorz
Complexity Wildcard Team (Warlock, DK, Druid)- Snutz, Massive, Brogo

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