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MLG Dallas: A Recap

By P 'Pookz' ookz
Sep 2, 2009 07:07

MLG Dallas was by far the most competitive WoW tournament to date. Eight teams from the US, Korea, and Europe were invited to the event. The tournament started off with 3 of our hardest match ups X6, Fnatic, and EMG. Orangemarmalade turned and said to me, "X6 eats RMP very deliciously." And he was exactly right as they beat us 4-1 with the PHD counter comp.

Our loss against Fnatic was a result of the demoralizing series against X6. We definitely expected to do better especially with the amount of hours practiced against the rogue warlock shaman team. It seemed as if we had no strategy and were overwhelmed by the pressure of destruction warlock and the soon to be nerfed fan of knives rogue.

Our momentum started building up after defeating EMG's Priest, Enhancement Shaman, BM Hunter comp 3-2. We expected them to "train the mage" so I stacked around 900 resilience and we managed to steal two quick rounds from them. Getting Ring of Valor and a bad game quickly brought the series to 2-2 but thankfully we pulled off the last win and took the series.

From then on our record exploded, defeating three RMP mirrors: Button Bashers, aAa, and Gravitas in a row. Our series against Button Bashers was considered one of the best series of the tournament. I kept telling Orangemarmalade how fun it was to play against him, he was still kind of down after the loss and just smiled and said "bad." That match up was everything we had ever learned in RMP mirrors all mashed into one series. I'm glad one of the most anticipated matches of the tournament was truly golden and fun for the spectators to watch. After defeating them 3-1 Button Bashers did not give up and proceeded to take the next round from us after a long priest/mage vs priest/rogue 2v2 ending the series 3-2. Playing out all 5 series games is pretty awkward especially if you go 3-0. You put all your effort into the 3 games and let it all out in cheers after the wins only to find out you must play two more. I gave the admin a suggestion to make the games after a team already hits 3 worth .5 instead of 1. So if we 3-0 a team and they beat us the next two games it is a 3-1 instead of a 3-2.

The series against Gravitas was an expected 3-0 sweep. After watching their earlier rounds against Button Bashers we knew exactly what to do to grab a win. Toez played very well the entire tournament and it was pretty ironic to see Realz and Toez meet up again, both playing the same class. Realz used to play rogue on Toez's team back when they got 1st at ESL Philly.

The games against aAa were extremely close games. Whenever Enforcer was low health the team of aAa violently screamed in French almost unintentionally commanding me to peel their team off my rogue. Thorkin gets so excited after a win it's pretty funny. His voice was like an earthquake in the small WoW tourny area. Realz made sure to jokingly mock him after our series by yelling "OUI OUI." After a strong 2-0 start we took the series 3-0 after an intense priest/mage 2v2 game on Ruins of Lorderon. I later heard that the manager of aAa had told someone that his team was "grateful" to fight the American RMPs because the play style is so different from those of EU RMP teams.

The next morning we would fight Complexity to either knock them out of the tournament or risk our slot in the finals. This series found us doing everything we learned NOT to do in an RMP mirror. Our team had low energy, no communication, and was not the same team as we were the day before. I was stunned after they 5-0d us, we were all playing like shit. We definitely should have beat Complexity, but I was almost happy for them as well as disappointed in myself. Complexity hasn't done well at a tournament since as long as I can remember. Seeing those victory smiles on their face when they made the finals was something I had never seen before.

Button Bashers really had trouble finding places to eat around the hotel, since they didn't speak English too well. I showed Orangemarmalade the sushi restaurant and it turned out they ate there almost everyday. I found that my rogue has a weird obsession with wasabi as he dunked his sushi rolls into the green paste before each bite. When Hannival saw Enforcer do it he yelled "OH MY GOD!" yeah it was gross. One night for dinner we took Button Bashers to the Sports Bar which was just a hardcore American place. They served burgers, chicken strips, philly cheesesteaks, etc. Numberone, the priest on Button Bashers, ordered a Hickory Burger and when he got it he asked Orangemarmalade to ask us how to eat it. I asked Orange, "Doesn't Korea have Mcdonalds burgers?" he said, "Yes, but in Korea burgers are small, Americans have huge burgers. There's no supersize in Korea." I was kind of embarrassed by our culture at that point. Then Joey (Enforcer) owned Orangemarmalade in pool, proceeding to do trick shots and everything. It was sad to say goodbye to the Korean team, Orange and Numberone have to attend the army soon because in Korea everyone is required to go for two years. They were not sure if they were going to attend any upcoming MLG events or the ESL ones.

Despite not making the finals our team has grown in experience and learned a lot from the top tournament teams around the world.

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