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meet Harley " dsn " Orwall

By Daniel 'Mek0' Jimenez Fernandez
May 25, 2011 09:44

MEET harley dsn Orwall
MEET Harley " Dsn " Orwall

Nineteen year old Harley Örwall, nowadays CS superstar dsn, born and grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. At the age of nine his family moved from the suburbs of the city to its central part, forcing young Harley to change, something that also changed his perspective of life, as he says. It was around that time that he started to play his first sport, Tennis, although it was mostly because of great fun he had from it rather than because of the competitive aspect. Several years after, Harley was introduced to Counter-Strike at a local internet-cafe near his school. While he was playing Nintedo and console games in between, it was never serious for him, until meeting Counter-Strike "I began taking games more seriously when I started to hang out at a local internet café near my school. I played a lot from the internet café on my free time, after school and on vacations". He was playing the game since Beta 1, watching the game growing and becoming one, if not the most, popular games in the Western world. Read on for more.

» Previous Teams:
fnatic: Get_Right , forest , carn , gux , dsn
begrip: calippo , cArn , dsn , Zad , legenden


In-game sensitivity: 3
Win sensitivity: 6
Crosshair size: Medium
Crosshair color: Light blue

1st IEM European championship finals

1st - Arbalet Cup Europe, GameGune 2010, IEM5 GC Shanghai, KGC #2
2nd - IEM4 World Championship, IEM4 European Finals, MSI BEAT IT, DSRack LAN #3, EPS Nordic II
3rd - Arbalet Cup Best of Four, e-Stars

4a EM III Final Europea – $4000
1a EM III Final Mundial – $50000
2a EPS Escandinava – $6622
1a ESWC Masters de Cheonan – $20000
1a KODE5 – $25000
1a e-Stars – $12000
2a EMIV Chengdu – $7500
1a EMIV Dubai – $10000
2a WCG – $18000
1a WEM – $22500

1st place NGL ONE Finals 2007,
1st place EM III Finals

1st place CPL Singapore 2006
1st place CPL Winter 2006,
2nd place ESWC 2006

The oldest player of fnatic that remains in the team , dsn is the awper of the decade, great perfomance with pistol and awp , his bility and reflexes made dsn one of the best players in the world

f0rest in fnatic hall of fame

By Daniel 'Mek0' Jimenez Fernandez
May 15, 2011 05:57

f0rest in fnatic.MSI hall of fame
Joined Fnatic: January 5th, 2006
Left Fnatic: December 7th, 2010
Days active in Fnatic: 1431

Lindberg is regarded internationally as one of, if the the best Counter-Strike player in the world because of his unique and overly aggressive playing style. He was one of the key players in the 2008/9 season, often leading the team to victory in major events across the world, with "clutch rounds". Originally recruited on the 5th of January 2006 had a long successful career before leaving the team in late 2010. A player vote "player of the year" two years running, something no other player can claim to date.

» Previous Teams:

fnatic.MSI: cArn, dsn, f0rest, gux, threat, GeT_RiGhT
sweden:niko, delpan, carn, dsn, allen, gux
Begrip: Robban, calippo, tentpole, f0rest, skall


In-game sensitivity: 3,5
Win sensitivity: 6
Resolution: 800x600
Crosshair size : large
Crosshair color: green
Dynamic: on

2nd DSRack #3 $2086.00
1st KGC #2 $18838.00
2nd Beat IT Grand Finals $7500.00
1st e-Stars Seoul 2010 $7558.00
2nd EPS Nordic II Finals $2300.00
1st IEM 5 Global Challenge Shanghai $14000.00
1st GameGune 2010 $15493.00
1st Arbalet Cup Europe 2010 $15000.00
3rd Arbalet Cup Best of Four $3000.00
2nd IEM 4 World Championship Finals $20000.00
2nd EM 4 European Championship Finals $10000.00

1st World e-Sports Masters 2009 $22500.00
2nd World Cyber Games 2009 $18000.00
1st EM 4 Global Challenge Dubai $10000.00
2nd EM 4 Global Challenge Chengdu $7500.00
1st e-Stars Seoul 2009 $12000.00
1st KODE5 Global Final 2009 $25000.00
1st ESWC Masters Cheonan $20000.00
2nd EPS Sca Season I Finals $6622.00
1st EM III Global Finals $50000.00
4th EM III Continental Finals Europe $4000.00

4th World e-Sports Masters 2008 $4000.00
1st EM III Global Challenge Montreal $25000.00
3rd ESWC 2008 Grand Final $14000.00
1st ESWC Masters Paris $7500.00
1st GamePlay Showmatch $5000.00
2nd KODE5 Global Final $10000.00
1st Samsung Euro Championship 2008 $19700.00
7th Extreme Masters Season 2 Finals $2500.00

1st Extreme Masters L.A. $25000.00

1st ESWC 2006 Grand Final $36000.00

At the end of last year, Lindberg was signed by SK Gaming, to which he transferred after spending 5 very successful years in fnatic. He is expected to continue being one of the world's best players and to help return SK Gaming to the very top in 2011.

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