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Maly moves to China - Part III

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Jun 1, 2009 08:05

Roasting at the WC3L tournament, riding a waterrollercoaster and owning Affentod from ESL just some of the highlights this time!
Maly Goes to China Part III - The Warcraft3 entry

Aaaaaaaaaah, the WC3L Season XV in Warcraft3, my first Chinese tournament. I managed to succesfully get on the right train and find my seat, feeling quite proud of myself, I sat down next to a lady and what I assume was her son.

After seeing me, they had a little whisper between each other and then the mother brought out face masks out of her handbag, ah swine flu, apparently only White people have it! I considered mentioning I’d just got back from Mexico, but I decided to just do some fake coughs just to get them worried a bit.

ImageGiven the fact I’d never been to Beijing before, I managed to get Wufan, the Editor-in-Chief of (A popular Chinese website) to pick me up. After managing to get to the hotel (extremely high quality) and grabbing some food he offered to take me to the Blizzard College eSports tournament, going down in Beijing University.

What was funny is that many girls were dressed up as if they were going on a date, obviously their boyfriends had tricked them into thinking they were going out to dinner maybe!

Hopefully you’ve already read my article about Sky and perhaps seen some of the videos I uploaded from the event, and of course looked at the gallery! I was treated extremely well, in particular by Candy the PR manager from Chinese Esports Athletics (CEA, they produce a magazine in China called eSports) , the company who also helped organised the event as well as Wufan of course! In comparison to the WC3L where if a problem arose it was normally answered with a “yea, we know, it sucks”, not a “yea I’ll see if I can fix it”, it was nice to be welcomed!

The WC3L

ImageThe interviews I managed to do at WC3L seem reasonably popular, I interviewed Shy and FoCuS right after they won the final but the confusion over my questions made me decide to perhaps not post it. Hopefully you have all seen the “FoV fails to interview TH000” which was my personal favourite. What made it more amusing was the other people watching on the side such as Hasuobs giggling away, and FoV’s face as TH000 keeps talking in answer to the first question.

Quote of the tournament has to be Lucifron though, I chatted to the various players when I had the chance to and when I asked Lucifron, “why do you not play other races?”, his answer was “Because other races don’t have Blademaster”!!! Classic stuff, shame he didnt say it on camera.

The heat in Beijing was unbearable, if you think about it I’m sitting on a wooden bench for 12 hours a day in 30+ degree weather, with very little wind. Luckily one of the rides nearby was a water one (the reason why some of the girls in the gallery are completely wet), so each day I went on it once and it would keep me cool for about 3-4 hours. The last time was probably the best, after finishing the coverage of the WC3L, myself and the other ESL admins including Baschi, went on the water-rollercoaster.

ImageAffentod from the ESL refused to be daring and jump the queue and ended up boarding the boat by himself after we had just finished our run. We then went over to the observation deck, where you can watch your friends go down the main slide and there is a place to put money in to start another water gun to squirt people afterwards!

After some frantic trying to ask people for coins I managed to get some change and then as we saw Affentod completely soaked after the big splash, put the money in to start the water gun. To be fair he took it like a man.

In the evening was the player party, in a popular bar in Beijing, myself and Nik from Mousesports challenged Baschi and Affentod to a game of pool. It was essentially noob warz, as we all have little or no experience at playing pool, but Baschi despite being poor at actually playing the game, seems to know all the rules. I guess that is why he’s an admin not a player ;) I asked Shy if he was any good at playing pool, he answered “No, but I am better than you guys, it is like watching human towers.”

After I went home early to get some rest but ended up wandering the streets of Beijing with Kaltlicht the CEO of WICKED eSports, in an effort to stay awake and find food before the Champions League Final kick off at 3am. One shop had an interesting combination of biscuits, ice creams and condoms, with two young girls behind the counter at 1:30am in the morning. We just settled for the biscuits and headed back to watch the final.

It proved horribly dissapointing and not worth staying awake until 5 am for as my team Manchester United lost 2-0 to Barcelona and Baschi collected 100 yuen (10 euros) off me for winning the bet. It’s a hard life, but it was a good few days.

Maly moves to China

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