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Maly moves to China - Part II

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
May 22, 2009 11:34

Goldfish in a keyring, a Moon keyboard and why I feel guilty when the Chinese shop assistants always try to help.
Settling in nicely so far, I've actually uploaded an album this time with pictures from the first week in China. Really crazy stuff so far, I finally feel I'm experiencing life as it should be, busy. China is an extremely busy country, for most of my life I've lived in relatively quiet places but finally honking car horns at 7 am is suddenly a great thing to hear. It makes you feel alive!

So much to write about but I think I'll try to group them into some short topics, remember to check out my album!

Service - Excellent in China

When you come to China, the first thing you will notice Service in China is excellent, if I'm being honest. You walk into a shop and all you hear is "Guang Lin, Guang Lin" which means welcome. At times it verges on a physical version of the Microsoft paperclip, when they try to assist in telling you which toilet paper or toothpaste is best, but hey at least they are here to help!

Although one thing I've noticed is there are lot of people doing jobs that do not need to exist, for example in Da-Run-Fa, a popular superstore there is someone who literally stands at the end of the moving escalator and her job is to pull your trolley off it and onto the floor.

Now apparently it is to help speed up peoples shopping but she's not putting her heart into it, not even a proper pull! China seems to know how to take initiative, to find a way of making money no matter the background. I've seen old men stop people from throwing their last drop of drink to drink it themselves and then squash the bottle and put it away in their bag in the hope of finding someone to sell it to at a later date. Its all just so different, but in a great way.

The hard thing to get used to is because Chinese are so friendly and pro-active in wanting to help you when you are shopping, I feel horribly guilty when you actually dont want to buy what they are selling. Its apparently normal and they are accustomed to it but I still feel the pain inside for them. I'll have to toughen up otherwise I will be feeling guilty a lot.

IT Market - My Heaven

ImageThe IT market was the highlight so far this week, hundreds of little shops selling all the technology you could imagine, RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP. It is such a stupid stereotype that people believe China is behind in the times, I've always not made up my own opinion until I see something for myself and all i can say is EUROPE needs to catch up!!!

Cameras, mp3s, computers, screens, dvds, psps, macbooks, webcams, you could find literally anything. For me the best bit was finding steelseries products, I found the Moon mousemat for only 17 euros and the fnatic one too. Also found Mr Xiaofeng "Sky" Li on a gaming keyboard. To find eSports products just in a regular shop was just a great feeling. Damn I really want that Moon mousemat!

Information and technology is so accessible here, there is always the dispute over piracy, but I think its great. I think if you look at it from the point of view of it is making education and information reachable for the masses, it can only be viewed as a positive thing. 70% of China's population is rural, they would never be able to afford the western prices. I just felt pain for all the times I paid 20 euros for a dvd I only watched once...

When we entered the software area, as we reached the top of the stairs 3 women thrust a list of software written on cardboard, of all the software, games, dvds they had in stock. Of course I had to have a look...

The whole point is you are supposed to bargain in these mini-shops but since I'm a foreigner the prices I think take a very sharp increase when they notice me. My wife and I are going to guerilla style and split up so she can buy the products I like at the Chinese prices, not the foreigner ones!!!

This is probably a book already, more to come soon. Comment if you are enjoying it so far! Also check out the album:

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