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Warcraft3 is one day going to die, 2012 maybe. Bollocks.

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Dec 9, 2008 19:42

I know it might sound obvious but did not really hit me until earlier today.I know it is kind of naive but I realised I've never actually thought what happens when my favourite game is not on the list of games. Warcraft3 is one day going to die..Bollocks.
I for some reason believed it would last forever and only the duelling game of choice would change. "Quake3, Quake4, Painkiller, UT? whatever let them squabble Warcraft3 will always be chosen!!"

Despite playing Starcraft for a year or two I did not really get into the "pro scene" until Warcraft3, I think WCG2004 was the first major event I followed with the Grubby v Zacard Orcish final.

Throughout my I guess it could be called a career now (possibly) in eSports, Warcraft3 has been one of the top games, it features at every big tournament, good prize money and some interesting characters (Grubby, Moon, ToD, HoT, Lyn etc..).

What happens when Warcraft3 ends? Can it really last as long as Starcraft? I currently help out with the ESL EPS in the UK and I can say it really is not as enjoyable to cover games you are not familiar with, (CS:S and Cod4) and no longer have the free time to REALLY get into them.

When I first came to the UK to study at University I was only 17 and I spent the first a lot of my first year playing Warcraft3:TFT, as I suddenly had unlimited free time to use as I saw fit. I associate fun memories with the game, getting to travel to events, shoutcasting, founding and managing my own little clan, playing AT with my clan members (TBP yeaa!), getting nervous before a semi-semi-semi-semi pro clan war.

That "knowledge" has served me until now, you need to play WC3 to really be able to understand the matches, the spells, the level of difficulty of various moves, and that can not be gained from simply watching.

Now I do not play the game as often anymore, for various reasons. I no longer have the time to really dive into a new game like I did with Warcraft: TFT. Perhaps Starcraft2 will ignite my passion as its predecessor did and as WC3 did, but it will have a shorter timeframe to hook me as Warcraft3 did.

Carmac said "games change, journalists stay", but will it be as exciting if no Warcraft3? I hope Starcraft2 will own and even with less playing time it will live up to WC3, but if it does not I'll be an old man (23 xD) clinging to the memories of his younger years where he could play 4v4 all night with his clan mates on teamspeak without a care in the world. Those were the days..

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