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EM is over, few more interviews to come...

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 9, 2009 20:33

On my way home but there is still some media to come!
Due to Zechs PC getting virused beyond belief, there is still a pre-final interview with MYM.Taz to be uploaded as well as a post-final interview with MYM.Luq. Furthermore we have an interview with SK.Kwana after the win versus aAa in the UP Final.

Generally the event went very well and I think we got some really good photos. I'm thinking perhaps we could do a caption competition for fun, see who can come up with the best text/quotes to go with our images from the EM European + Global Finals!

It was the first event I've been to which did not include Warcraft3 and I have to say I did not really miss it that much! I've polished up a bit on my CS knowledge as well as learnt some more about WoW thanks to Xom from SK and Hafu from Fnatic, oh of course our man Zechs who did a great effort at the event considering it was his first time for SK.

Was great to meet the SK.CS guys again and the various WoW teams are all very friendly but shoutout goes to Xom from Euro, Realz from US and KWana from Korea.

The tournament had some great moments, such as MYMs comebacks, mTw finally getting a run for their money as well as the tense WoW Final.

I'm off to catch my plane back to Wales now! Make sure to check out the galleries and look out for the missing interviews in the coming days (sorry for them being late)

On my way to Extreme Masters, any coverage requests?

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 4, 2009 16:01

Just chilling in Paris while I wait for my connecting flight to Hannover. WoW and CS coverage is coming!
First major tournament of the year and first as Editor-in-Chief. I'll have to embrace new games given that Warcraft3 is not included in the EM but its been good so far, watched some HLTV as well the ESL stream yesterday.\

WoW could well become the flagship game along with CS in 2009, and my precious WC3 could see itself take the back seat. However, all I can do is adjust to the change, and CS 1.6 isnt too bad! (WoW is still a bit messy to look at, needs a better way to spectate)

I will be bringing Zechs along (The Sky hater) to do coverage, his first tournament but his WoW knowledge should hopefully come in handy!

Galleries, videos, maybe the odd blog as usual. CEBIT is a place that has lots of other entertainments (pigvomit and I Playing Wii Tennis last year for example), so we'll see what is about! (boothbabes anyone?)

First major tournament of 2009!!! Woooooooo!!

If you have any requests, leave them here!!

E-Sports University lecture a success!

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 1, 2009 02:03

Did a lecture at my former university about E-Sports and SK Gaming, and it went quite well!
Organised to do a 3 hour lecture at University of Wales, Newport, for their Computer Games students. Showed the first 20 minutes of "Frag" as well a bit from E-@Thletes (another documentary).

Essentially the idea was to introduce them to E-Sports, and I had about 30 odd students turn up. Out of the 30 students; 2 had heard of SK Gaming, 6 had played COunter-Strike 1.6, 3 had played Warcraft3, 4 had played Starcraft, but more than half had played World of Warcraft!! Sign of the times right?

The general mood after seeing a video of progaming in Korea was "god I want to go live in Korea", and they seemed genuinely shocked at the fact there is only one major female tournament a year and asked why are there no tournaments where women and men can play against each other.

Of the 30 there about 6-7 showed an interest in perhaps doing some writing for SK Gaming so you might see some of em appear on here doing some console news!

Despite a very rushed preparation I managed to "talk" (which obviously includes time showing videos) for about 2 hours (ish), then we talked about SK Gaming, the team, the website etc.. Of course I showed them some SK merchandise. Generally when people probe me to ask what I do for a living and I explain the first reply is "oh".

For example the postman who was obviously pissed I did not give him a christmas bonus came to deliver the mail in January and I answer the door. "oh your here. dont you work", yes I work from home "what do you do?" I write about games "oh. that sounds awful, why on earth would you want to do that".. goodbye *takes letters*.

HOWEVER, if you say oh we're sponsored by adidas, oooooo, suddenly people are impressed and interested!

I have done my bit, now 30 potential game designers know about E-Sports, we have to spread the word people, otherwise no-one will know it exists!

DO any of you spread the E-Sports gospel?
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