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Help Maly decide: PS3 or XBOX360?

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Nov 13, 2008 22:15

Well my birthday is less than a week away and I decided its time to get another "next-gen" console for myself. I already have a Wii and I was pretty set on an XBOX360 but now I'm unsure!
The main reason for a PS3 initially was because MGS4 and the next Final Fantasy were set to be on the PS3 (I am super FF fan!). FInal Fantasy XIII however will now be on PS3 AND XBOX360 but Final Fantasy XIII: Versus will ONLY be on the PS3, but they will not come out until maybe 2010.

So far these are the pros and cons I have found through reading and surfing:

Pros for XBOX360

wide choice of games
Final Fantasy XIII (but not Versus :()
Good Multiplayer option

Cons for XBOX360

wireless not inbuilt
no web browser
internet gaming costs a monthly tariff
Red Ring of death

Pros for PS3

Final Fantasy XIII AND Versus (but 2010 I guess ;/)
Inbuilt Wireless
Inbuilt browser

Cons For PS3

More expensive
Smaller choice of games

Does anyone here have both or played both? I've only played XBOX360 at friends houses, but never the PS3.Also I'm looking for a console that has some good two player games available that are not FPS, suggestions?

The Malystryx WCG journey is over, but it was a good one.

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Nov 10, 2008 00:01

Well my first WCG experience is over after four days of irregular meals, uploading videos and fishing for pictures, I can sit back and reflect on the event.
The World Cyber Games lived up to my expectations and was by far the best event I have ever attended.In terms of being a member of the press there were certain little things that definately avoided the stress and annoyance which comes at other events.

The internet at the event was RIDICULOUSLY fast, we uploaded 100MB in about 15-20 seconds and the press area was regularly refreshed with free drinks for the press (water, apple juice). The game areas were clearly separated and players were easily accessible.

I can not think of anything that particularly stressed me aside from perhaps the fact the press area was right behind the stage so the smoke and the loud guitar hero playing would infiltrate and pollute the air on a regular basis.

For me one of the most enjoyable part of the event as always is meeting new people, and the World Elite guys I ended up getting on with particularly well. I especially enjoyed interviewing LiKe from World Elite, his modesty and friendliness was a refreshing change. Also Hotlips the WE manager is a cool bloke, reminds me very much of Losemann from MYM for humour, very cheerful and happy to laugh whenever.

One of the best bits though was as many of you saw already in the WC3 news, the photo with "Ted is not amused". Gerila (the romanian player who won black amd challenge) and his mates enjoyed watching TeD but were interested he never showed any emotion when he won so developed the phrase "TeD is not amused". So Gerila brings a piece of paper with this phrase written on to get a photo of him and TeD while the Chinese player holds the paper. Excellent photo! XD

On Saturday evening after getting back from a restaurant with ESL and readmore I had a good fun pcw with some SK guys. Myself, TornAdo (SK FIFA), Sandman (SK Racing) & Husky (SK Racing) did a 4v4, TornAdo is a VERY funny guy, shouting "I am zo GhOooDDDD" whenever he got a rally of frags.

I also over the trip managed to change my opinion on a person, ToD, who I was fortunate enough to share the plane with and we sit and chatted. Meeting ToD outside of a tournament environment really made me able to come to my own opinion about him and I have to say perhaps he is misunderstood. I'm sure he has a short temper just like everybody else but he is actually a nice guy *SHOCK* (Just do not mention towers ;)

After the event I spent my evenings with Abitrariness and affentod from the ESL, as well some, gamesports and rakaka guys. It was a nice change to be able to relax in the evening after an event, helped me to be full of energy for the next day. I think it comes from confidence in your own work, I know I have done what I believe to be good, I do not need to rush home after the event to rectify lazyness. seems to have really brought the German journalist community together, them and other websites are all very close and its more like a brotherhood of writers than "just a website".

The Warcraft matches were extreme and really amazing to watch, in particular TeD vs Moon in the quarter-finals. The main stage really had a great atmosphere and screens all over the place.

I think the WCG when I compare it to ESWC in Paris (masters of paris) it has a much more patriotic feel to it, you had players from other games supporting their fellow countrymen, waving large flags, walking around together, it was really great. From what I saw the Germans, Koreans and Chinese seem the most close as a unit and a national team, its lovely to see their status in their respective game is irrelevant, only that they are a fellow countrymen counts.

Shoutout to Soe from Gamesports, Peanut, Binteh from ELC, Wolverine and Gerila, the MYM guys (The1crow, beemit etc..), King + HotLips and the WE players, abitrariness and affentod from ESL, and the SK guys for a memorable first WCG. To everyone else I met, see you next time! =]

NExt year it is in Chengdu and I hope to move in China in 2009 so it should not be too far away! Hope you enjoyed my coverage of WCG 2008, hope to have brought you perhaps a few laughs but definately some smiles! =]

Cheers, thanks


Five years in waiting, my time for WCG commeth

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Nov 5, 2008 19:37

Five years is a long time but that is how long it has taken for me to finally get a chance to attend a World Cyber Games. Tommorrow the long wait is over!
Ever since 2004 the epic final between Grubby and Zacard which I watched as an eSports amateur, I have wanted to attend a WCG. LIfe moves fast, particularly hastily for me this year but at least now I can say I attended an ESWC (Ok Paris Masters but still!) and a WCG.

What is it that makes the WCG so attractive? Variety. When I commentated the Samsung European Championships at the CEBIT in Hannover earlier this year what I loved most about it was that there was such a huge variety of people, parents, children, friends, couples and I'm sure I saw the odd pensioner looking bemused at this "gaming" trend. The WCG if it lives up to what I expect should be the epitomy of an "international tournament", gamers from all walks of life and not just the hardcore WC3 And Cs players. I want to walk around and feel that gaming is global, that there is hope yet and not just seeing the same players and the same press.

WCG is also an easy way-in for people who know nothing about eSports. I can show my family the promo trailer and they will say "oh right", 74 countries... 60,000 spectators.. its impressive stuff!!! So if you're parents frown upon this hobby of yours its your duty to enlighten them!

WCG also always has a bit of drama, MYM vs Estro, Sky vs GoStop, what will 2008 bring? Some nerd rage? Let's hope so, even if it wont be from a WoW gamer.

Tommorrow I will know my journey in eSports has at least fulfilled one of my dreams, being able to attend the biggest event of the year. THe only thing which could get on my nerves is the WCG song which was drilled into my brain during the breaks at SEC.. "beyooond the game, journey through cyberspace.. we have come to decide our fates..." My god, the thing is it is ridiculously catchy, its shit but good at the same time, quite strange really!

WCG begins tommorrow so be prepared for some website content spamming! And if you're at WCG, come find me! =]

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