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Micro Moments 2 VIDEO

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Oct 18, 2007 00:11

Just a fun video made by my old clan mates, some "Micro skills", no special effects really just a bit of fun! :D Features a "pro player" and a "Pro" news poster ;)
KEEP YOUR MOUSE OVER THE YOUTUBE LOGO, or you wont see who did each move!! :D

Achmed the Terrorist

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Oct 11, 2007 11:03

Currently a hot video on YouTube, I was almost in tears the first time I saw it -___-; Enjoy!

Taiwan & China

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Oct 10, 2007 11:21

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the China/Taiwan incident, if you are unaware of it you can read a brief]overview[/url] of what "supposidly" happened.
I'm not here to debate who is right and who is wrong just try to provide the context so that people can understand the whole situation.
If we simplify it to the very basics the tension between the countries is over the debate of whether Taiwan is a legimate country or not. Taiwan does have the 5 criteria required for a country; its own army, money, culture, language & territory in their eyes. However Taiwan has been warned that any attempt to declare independence will result in military action.
Before 1971 China's seat at the United Nations was for "The Republic of China" (ROC) which represented mainland China as well as islands which including Taiwan. In 1971 however ROC lost its seat at the UN to the People Republic of China (PRC). This however was after the First (1954-1955) and Second Taiwan Strait Crisis (1958) which involved two short military conflicts between the ROC and the PRC.
The PRC are now recognised by most sovereign states and decided after 1979 to try to resolve the "Taiwan dispute" without any need for war.
Side Note
Although in 1995 however they drew up the "Anti-Secession Law" in which states 3 conditions in which the PRC would invade Taiwan, these conditions are:
1. If events occur leading to the separation of Taiwan from China in any name
2. If a major event occurs which would lead to Taiwan's separation from China
3. If all possibility of peaceful unification is lost.
The PRC still did not recognise the Republic of China (Taiwan) and claims the island of Taiwan as part of its own territory & effectively blocks the Republic of China (Taiwan) from using their official national title "Republic of China" in international organisations.
The Kuomitang a Taiwanese controlled Political Party supporting eventual reunification with the mainland refused to be designated (titled/named) "Taiwan, China" because it made Taiwan sound like the subordinate (lower-rank/slave) of the PRC gouverment.
Therefore in November of 1979 the International Olympic Committee and later all the international sports federations adopted a resolution which recognised the National Olympic Committee of Taiwan as the National Olympic Committee of Chinese Taipei and every sports team or athlete from Taiwan would compete as Chinese Taipei.
In this resolution however Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) would have to adopt the Chinese Taipei Olympic Flag as their flag which consists of the Taipei Olympic Committee emblem on a white background, you can see the flag [url=
The flag waved at WCG however was not the Chinese Taipei flag but the Taiwanese flag adopted in 1928 and which represents an "indepedent" Taiwan. The Chinese are angry because in their eyes Taiwan has no right to wave the flag and the Taiwanese are angry because they consider themselves an independent state but are threatened by war if they attempt to declare it.
Seriousness aside I showed my girlfriend (who happens to be Chinese) the article on Taiwanese yahoo and asked why are these Chinese SO angry? She tried to explain simply and said "imagine if Taiwan is your son and you help him financially take care of him but one day when he is old he says NO I am not from your family, I am independent!"
She however just found it crazy Chinese gamers were getting so angry.
The facts here are true to the best of my knowledge and hope it clarifies the status of Taiwan and China.
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