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Maly Goes to Cologne Ep 4

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Sep 24, 2007 01:08

Well the SK tournament is now over and most people have left and gone home. I avoided casting CS again, sorry to my CS fans but I was starving so me Reis and Insomnia went for some German food! The food was a little dodgy with even more oil in it than Fish and Chips back in the UK but was good enough!
THen we returned to the studio as the last SK CS match finished and we all prepared to go our seperate ways. As we go outside I see GiGa.Take but he suddenly looks a lot browner, as if he had been photoshopped or just rushed to put fake tan on but he informed me it was make-up for the show.
SK.Cs guys, Reis, Merusame, Inso & I returned to the SK office. Insomnia tried to decide what film to Download while Meru prepared to leave, I advised Inso to download "BoRaT" and Spawn agreed despite him and Robban preparing to go clubbing.
Meru had to leave to go back to Stuttgart (3 hours away) So we said our goodbyes, Meru is a great guy a shame so many people do not realise all the work that he does! Reis, Inso and I then chatted about E-Sports I was naming my list of people I consider "legends" after Reis was going through my MSn list looking at my E-Sports contact list, he seemed pretty impressed! I then named the legends such as Jaczie, Carmac, Sir_J, Tedet, Teg-Wolvi & co!
Reis and I then went to get some food (i was hungry again :( ) We were supposed to be quick but ended up chatting about SK.wc3 the website and e-sports in general while I munched on a chicken kebab with salad. As Reis and I got to his car Reis got a phonecall from Insomnia. Spawn, Robba, Allen and him were worried where I was! Allen and Robban had even left to go find me but luckily I was safe and sound :D Who says gamers don´t care about news writers?
We then sat down and watched some Borat before Robban and Spawn went clubbing and Inso decided to sleep after watching replays and I´ll be off to bed too!
Even though the weekend is over we will be uploading more interviews! Hope you enjoyed the SK Anniversary and check out the football videos!

Maly Goes to Cologne Ep 3

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Sep 23, 2007 16:35

Well it is now Sunday and the final day of the SK Anniversary LAN. I did not have a great nights sleep but still I got 9 hours! We all went to GIGA studio around 12am. First of all was the final FIFA match, between Daimonte and Deto which Daimonte from mtw won.
Then was the Warcraft3 matches, I casted for 2 games with TaKe and it went quite well. Although I ate pizza and advertised Sprite a bit too much on cast! Luckily it was a nice relaxed environment!
We casted Insomnia vs Madfrog with Inso as Night Elf and Madfrog as Undead. Madfrog went for his typical gargoyles and eventually ended up with a lvl 8 Dark Ranger. The game was a bit of fun but a lot of gold for both players, obviously saving for next game. The second game was Heman versus Insomnia with a crosss map tower rush from Heman. I felt much more at ease casting a game I actually knew since the CS cast was very hard!
The GIGA crew are all very friendly and the studio is very impressive with Sound proof booths and some lovely Warcrat3 life-size statues! I met Templar he came to cast with Reis after TaKe and I had finished, I´d chatted to him on irc a little so was nice to meet someone from the scene even if it was by accident. You might know him from as well as that he does some shoutcasts for GIGA2 and Giga listen in German despite his level of English being very high.
Reis and Templar saw Heman defeat Lyn who was playing elf, gaining Heman his 3rd win of the tournament defeating Madfrog and Insomnia earlier in the tournament. Amazing he still has some micro skills but obviously does not care about Warcraft3 anymore.
Atm Reis is working on the final Warcraft3 matches, SK are playing PGS with the first round almost over, I will have to return to CS casting again for the second and final round!!! (oh noes)
Off to cast but I´ll write again sooN!

Maly Goes to Cologne Ep 2

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Sep 22, 2007 23:50

Reis picked me up from the train station and we went straight to SK office. I was expecting some crazy LAN party with everyone shouting but it was amazingly peaceful. Spawn was semi-conscious in 1 room with Robban and Allen nearby while Insomnia was hiding in the corner in the gaming room trying to sleep amidst Reis bashing his keyboard chatting on MSN to his mates.
Next to arrive was SK|Alx who helps in Marketing followed by SK|Merusame in charge of managing the players needs. Then followed 2 FIFA players mtw-Daimonte and Mouz.Deto. The next two are easily identifiable Madfrog and Heman, although Heman has become a dwarf-like MR T supposidly putting on a lot of weight in the last 2 years and built like a tank.
Reis, Alx + I went to Subway where we found Madfrog,Inso+Heman and we were swiftly followed by Robban, Spawn and ALlen. The amount of subway consumed seems a little ridiculous, its right opposite the office. I had subway for breakfast (my 4 star breakfast was not enough), lunch and managed to find something different for dinner.
Anyway, once TheSlash arrived we went for the 5-a-side football. I was with SK|Lenni's nice sports car, a 2 seater which me and meru took turns to be crushed in the back in. Lenni's cool image was quickly destroyed when he said it was infact his mum's car.
The thing that struck me most after talking to Merusame, Alx and Lenni is just how much goes on to make the SK machine work. There is so much that most SK vistors do not know about the people who work in the shadows to keep the machine well oiled and running smoothly. I tried to chat a little to see what each person really does, what they study, how they got into it to better understand who does what in SK. There are no egos in SK, perhaps a key to SK's success.
The football was great, I was on "team Predator",]team photo[/url], with mtw-Deto, Robban, Lenni, Insomnia, Heman & Hero. I was picked 2nd from last but one of the highest scorers! Looks can be deceiving mWahahahaha!
Heman was super lazy despite his big muscles, 5 minutes and he was sweating like a pig. Insomnia did pretty well in goal and obviously took it very seriously, he was moaning "defence guys" to which I replied "just build some towers", nothing like a bit of Warcraft3 geek humour.
Robban was a bit like the Juggernaut from X-men once he started to run and gain speed you did not want to be inbetween him and the goal. Lenni was on defence although scored the odd goal as well as Deto. Hero was the captain of what he liked to call "ze alex hators". Hero and I were the top scorers for our team if I remember correctly, Hero showed off his skills but didn't seem too manly when THIS SHOT came from TheSlash after he got tired of losing.\
Madfrog scored a lot of goals and even changed teams since Heman was too lazy, he scored a lot of nice goals long range efforts as well as tap ins but seemed to surprise himself, no-one knew what to expect!
I've not played football much but I used to play a lot when I was younger in teams but when I got to University it became too serious/physical so I got bored and switched to Badminton.( If you want to check out my Badminton Posters for my University Club check my gallery, they rule!). I think my skills paid off! I still know how to score goals ! Skillz.
After football we went back to the SK Office to watch SK vs Fnatic, Reis set up his PC to the widescreen tv so we all relaxed on the SK beanbags and watched Insomnia's matches versus Rob as well as the 2v2 of Hot/Xlord. Meanwhile I did some news, sorted out the football pics picking what I consider the best and hopefully giving them amusing titles!
Then we went to the GIGA2 TV studio, TheSlash had mentioned in passing I might be shoutcasting Warcraft3 but it turned out I had to cast Counter-Strike! SK vs Mouz. I did ok but regret it a little since my Counter-Strike knowledge is not great, I've played it on public but I'm not omniscient in the world of counter-strike.
My brother and his gf even watched the stream from Wales! I think I was a little too quiet but I just hate casters that spam about games they dont know, in particular Warcraft3 casters but hopefully I'll do better tomorrow in a game I actually know. Some people messaged me with flames but *shrugs* there is normally no English cast so I did my best considering the circumstances although I regret it a little! Train hard go pro!
I took a taxi back with Spawn/Robban and Allen to the SK office where us 4 are staying while Madfrog and Heman go out drinking again. Heman was complaining Madfrog kept taking him to a Gay Sex Shop last night, perhaps he just has not read the signs yet! ;)
Off to Sleep soon! Hope you all catch the games 2moro and watch the videos on the 5 a side coverage and the piccies on the [url=

Maly Goes to Cologne Ep 1

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Sep 22, 2007 23:13

Well as most of you may have read in merusame's blog I was scheduled to arrive on friday night, I was to take a plane cardiff->amsterdam then amsterdam->cologne but the Cardiff flight got delayed so I was stuck in Amsterdam for the night.
My flight from Cardiff landed at 19:15 and the next flight was to leave at 19:35 so I ran to the "short connection line" which I assume is created to make your journey from one flight to the next quicker. However they decided to a) search me even though I didn't beep as I went through the metal detector (I only thought they did this in Russia, I was wrong!) as well as deciding to check my bag.
I must have looked a very suspicious character, anyway they delayed me until 19:26 and the African security guard says "maybe you should jog, all the way to make sure". Jog? I was sprinting and I got there at 19:30 and it was already too late.
The woman behind the counter gave me some vouchers and told me to go to T2, at T2 I was given a hotel ticket which I then had to take to another desk where they issues me with a hotel ticket and free washing stuff. I was told the hotel was in the airport so I was expecting some small box something like a over-night train compartment gets you.
However I was wrong it was infact a 4-star hotel courtesy of KLM due to it was their fault my initial flight was delayed. The woman behind the desk said "your the first person to be happy". Happy? I'm thrilled, I've got a 4-star hotel + food!
My room had a double bed (Nice!), Dinner was good if not a little posh down in the restaurant. Made me miss my girlfriend! She would have loved it. Went to my room watched some TV then went to bed since I had to get up at 6am to get in time for my flight. Got up at 6am, set the tv and the room phone alarm and slept with the curtains open completely since I was really worried I'd miss my flight since my phone was practically dead.
Woke up to a 4 star breakfast, got on the bus and reached my flight on time! Reis came to pick me up from the Central Station after I caught a train from the airport, from now the journey really begins in Episode 2!

EuroCup XVI Clever or Stupid?

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Sep 17, 2007 13:54

Today ClanBase announced the games and their gametypes for its sixteenth EuroCup. This seasons EuroCup sees ClanBase dropping Counter-Strike 1.6 as well giving Warcraft III a EuroCup but in a mod of the game called Defence of the Ancients otherwise known as DOTA.
Now ClanBase has a huge community for a huge variety of games however the largest communities are in games that do not feature in major E-Sports tournaments, games such as Call of Duty 2, Enemy Territory and Medal of Honor Allied Assault.
ClanBase has tried to follow the trend using the same games as other tournaments but with one small problem, no-one cares about ClanBase. Harsh but true, the overly hardcore and proud "E-Sports community" as well as the players put CB pretty far down the list. With results in CB EuroCup matches not being played, players postponing, players cancelling attendance at LAN finals etc...
CB has supported Call of Duty 2 in the past, it featured at EC XI, XIII and XV so its hardly a surprise it has 2 EuroCups with it being if im not mistaken the largest community on ClanBase in terms of active clans and matches.
Warcraft3 has had a pretty shaky history on ClanBase in terms of EuroCups. Back in the day 3 years ago the Master Clan League (MCL) managed to attract the big clans to show an interest in CB but these days the CB is pretty similar to Incup, a nice way to pick up some extra cash if you can be bothered to play the matches.
Sure CB EuroCup Warcraft III features some big names but people just do not care about a LAN which features only 4 players despite the best efforts of many Warcraft 3 Game Supervisors including myself.
My immediate response to seeing DOTA as the choice of EuroCup for Warcraft III was what the hell how stupid but then after the initial reaction I started to think. You have to think logically why would CB one of the largest gaming community websites want to keep putting most of its resources in terms of prize money into EuroCups that neither the community nor the players care about?
It seems a much better idea to put prize money into communities that are either big on ClanBase such as CoD 2, or who lack tournaments with prize money such as DOTA. ClanBase can become the leader in these game-types offering LAN finals as well as prize money to games and communities that are lacking them.
When I think of ClanBase I think of my trip to Russia, my father gave some money to help my brother make some improvements on his home for his children. When he had done that my dad turned to me and said "he said thanks, but he did not say thanks very much", when people always get presents they come to expect them and not treasure them anymore.
I remember the Call of Duty guys at EuroCup XIII, they actually came up to me to thank me for the news item about them. I was shocked, Warcraft III & CS Players just take it for granted now, these guys are still humble and appreciate any kind of effort from anyone.
Whether or not ClanBase will succeed in getting the wider audience interested in these gametypes is another matter, but in my opinion although it seems like a CPL moment of insanity dropping CS 1.6 back in 2005 it is also the best option given ClanBase's current situation within the E-Sports community.
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