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WC3L Qualifiers - make or break?

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Apr 28, 2006 01:41

I remember an admin recently talking to me saying that wc3l qualifiers* was "make or break" for potential clans. It's stuck in my mind so much I decided to write this blog about it.
You'd think surely if they dont manage to qualify they will have at least attracted enough attention but that in itself is what stabs themselves in the heart. If a clan has managed to gather together enough skilled players to think they have a shot at qualifying for the next season I would advise clan organisers to think very carefully about it.
Wc3L is undoubtably the most prestigious clan league on Warcraft 3 and for most clans it would be the epitomy of the success they dream of. Players will not have to beg or abuse the AMM in order to compete against the top tier players, they will have a chance week in week out for 11 weeks to play versus top clans. If they manage to survive their first season they will be able to attract in stars from teams that got relegated or steal them from the weaker teams, survival of the fittest only the strong survive. Once you bring your team into the wc3l qualifiers your players are then on the market, because there is a good chance that if you lose, your star players could be whipped away by a qualifying team.
"No way man, my clan members would never leave me, we've been together for years". I remember talking to Narkoman**, I asked him how did you manage to create a successful clan, what's the secret? He told me it took him years of hard work and a goal of creating a great clan, it's a process of elimination he said, you have to continiously kick the weaker members and recruit stronger ones. He told me he had lost many friends because of it but that is what is required if you really want to be a successful Warcraft 3 clan.
Surely not, that's heartless but maybe that's why so many Warcraft 3 clans bite the dust, not enough loyalty and friendship. LanFan is a prime example of the cruel Warcraft 3 world, ransacked after a series of awful results it decided to remove all it's korean players and stick with an all European lineup. A week later it loses Satiini, and then proceeds to fall apart with a final score in the wc3l as season IX draws to a close of eleven clan wars, zero wins.
Greed is what also kills clans, once individuals taste the fame and attention the wc3l and it's qualifiers give them, if their clan falters, they won't stay to help it back up. Disgusting? maybe. It's the same in football, small teams will bring up talent through their ranks with aspirations of sucess and glory, Wayne Rooney and Everton for instance, but once the going gets tough the temptations for a brighter and more successful future are irresistable.
Maybe a little greed is required though in order to become a great player because mostly likely if a team-mate was in the same situation he'd take it and expect you to praise and congratulate him. I've heard and seen many tales of spite as a clan member joins a more sucessful clan abandoning his clan members who thought his loyalty was indisputable.
The secrets to keeping your clan together through the wc3l qualifiers is to make sure you don't let the weakest link of your clans destroy the chance of qualification for the others. Skill is not the only thing you need to survive the qualifications, mentality and loyalty is what will ensure that once the dust settles your clan is still standing strong, qualification spot or not.
It is a harsh reality one has come to accept in the Warcraft 3 world but be careful who you recruit, most upcoming talent doesn't care for your clan, just his own gratification. Your clan is nothing but a means to an end for these kind of players. If you decide to try to go for the wc3l qualifiers you better make sure your team is loyal till the end, because if you fail, you will be destroyed.
*Warcraft 3 League, the most successful Warcraft Clan league
** Former leader and creator of clan Incredible team action.

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