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Malystryx at CEBIT - First Entry

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 6, 2008 12:02

My blogging continues with tales of the CEBIT...

Well I just found myself with some spare time. I arrived at CEBIT last night, there were no crowds but as the taxi driver passed it I saw a huge airport sized building, that is just just Hall 1 of many!!! The place is massive, stick a few airports together and you have CEBIT, it is immense.

I´m sharing an apartment with Quish, my co-caster who casted events like W3 in Korea, we did a showmatch cast this morning with two of the members of game-TV Lalle & Norbert. It was pretty nerve racking, not because I don`t know the game but just the fact there is a crowd infront of you as well casting with Quish, I´m unsure when I can talk!!

The inside of the event is amazing, just the scale of it compared to any other event i`ve been to before. The SEC is in Hall 22 which houses next to it a popular SK Gaming booth where people can relax on the SK seats and plaz some FIFA against their friends. There is also Roccat, AMD, Razor and many others, all fighting for the attention of the crowds wandering the Hall. Booth babes are present, leaning seductively over cars, computer hardware and drooling fans.

SEC is in just one of the Halls outside is a maze of halls, more like a city than a convention, it is just HUGE, it is just unbelievable, it is so easy to get lost. After my first Warcraft3 cast, came a FIFA cast with Carmac, Carmac is more direct with suggestions and I struggled a little with knowing the right time to speak. I know the game well enough so its not a case of not knowing the game (like FIFA although I love football) just a case of knowing the appropriate time to take over from my co-commentator.

Hopefully over the course of the days I will get better, I`ve been thrown in the deep end so I pray I will learn to swim in time. I´m at the event courtesy of Game-TV, they are in charge of the coverage and SEC tournament, lead by a happy chappy German Lajos. Compared to the ESL and NGL crew I met on my past two e-sports trips, the group are much more relaxed, a collection of passionate fans hoping to provide for the community they are a part of.

I ran into Lloth, Moli & Paisy from PGS, with the latter two playing a friendly 2on2 versus QUish and I, we unfortunately lost due to Quish´s supposid "rustiness"! Even with SaSe watching over Quish he still couldn´t managed to get it together!!! ;) In 15 minutes will be the SEC official opening ceremony, at the moment the Hall is void of SEC players but over the next 3 days, it will get much busier!

Extreme Masters is way out in the wilderness, not in CEBIT itself until Saturday & Sunday which Quish and I found out the hard way, wandering through the huge halls packed with people and products of every kind. After 1 hour of walking and having INtel people shrug cluelessly, we ran into Sven, co-ordinator of Coverage for the ESL who told us what is what. At least we bought an ice cream each in one of the booths which I had decided at least make the trip fruitful!

Enjoy the gallery from the event, provided not by my shaky camera work but instead by SK´s latest addition Pigvomit, a Polish cameraman with the "skills to pay the bills".

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