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Diary of a newswriter - Friday

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Feb 23, 2008 11:29

A blog of Day 2 of the NGL-One Finals in Berlin.
We got up and met Miou for breakfast as reis had to go out to buy Remind some new shoes as Remind had arrived in Nike shoes!

THe NGL-One had organised a bus for everyone to take them from the hotel to the event, we were a bit late getting down but as reis said "they won't leave without me", and sure enough the bus was waiting for him to appear as everyone else was waiting outside.

The event itself like the hotel is impressive on the outside but not very practical on the inside. One the first floor is the Bistro where we are given coupons to eat and where spectators can enjoy the matches however they are far away from the players, admins and coverage people are all on the fourth floor! It does not make a huge difference as when I went down there were only about 15 spectators...

For the players however its a dream come true, no hassle of people wanting autographs or wanting to talk to them. THe event has no stage, just 8 lines of 5 computers so there is no "centre point" and is generally just similar to an internet cafe. There are no presenters shouting out the scores, but players of each game have their own way of expressing their emotions.

ImageThe Counter-Strike players like the Mousesports guys were screaming their heads off and it was only the warm-up.

I've tried to capture the atmosphere in some videos I will try again tomorrow, it is just crazy animal screaming and if I was the opponent I would be slightly disturbed. Warcraft3 is more gentlemanly, dead silence followed by a small clap.

The tournament area is quite calm & the press area is quite good and has representatives from various E-Sports websites and despite really poor internet connection at the start of the day the guys at NGL fixed it so it was quite fun to do coverage.

Luckily thanks to Mr Forever_Manutd I don't deal with entering the scores of the matches, instead my aim is to add content which you could not get if I was at home! I've uploaded some videos of the players playing after the matches and a gallery and will do some interviews over the next few days.

ImageTGenerally doing the news and videos was quite enjoyable as I get to chat with the news writers of MYM despite their ridiculously late arrival, even the fact they were wearing suits did not cover up for that!

The first I met was a Polish graphix artist who's name is similar to Sweetie so I just call him that who was from MYM, he was then joined by Army, The1crow, Phil and Alisha. Despite them having a huge numerical advantage and a superior camera I think I'm doing ok with keeping up with them although tomorrow they will have reinforcements!

I find it more interesting to meet people who work in the community than the players, so I try to chat to anyone there and see where they work or what they do to get a wider scope of the scene as well as obviously make a few contacts.

Image I met Lancia who it turns out is not just a random girl who writes on my guestbook but a writer for! I also met Soe, someone I had added to my msn for my reis interview to get a statement from and who i've chatted to ever since. She is the "pretty face" of NGL and is used for the camera shots but very very friendly, although she's dating the boss of NGL so don't get your hopes up guys!

Although the E-SPorts news scene does have its battles I try to not get into website rivalry and chat to everyone to same, we're all in it for the same purpose to provide for the viewers, but don't worry of course I want SK to win! :D

So the afternoon was more enjoyable as I had Phil from MYM to talk to as well as THe1Crow & "Sweetie" + Soe of course! Army was too busy marking his territory to chat keeping extremely close to Alisha :D
SK Gaming 's match versus MYM did not go as planned, watching Moon you can see why this guy is called the 5th race. He just makes it looks so natural, bashing that keyboard so hard he could get done for assault. Moon defeated both Soju and Lyn leaving only Reign left who rose to the challenge and played a perfect game, the only way to beat mr mym.moon.

However he then faced FoCuS on Lost Temple and Remind was right as he said "it is almost impossible for undead to beat orc on Lost Temple." all the SK guys sat behind Reign for his match versus Moon, and even though we thought it was over when he kept losing his Death KNight he did enough damage and once the wyrm came out it was all over for Moon.

The loss comes as quite a surprise but Moon is just a beast on LAN with his fluffy girly coat he knows how to get down to business when he wants to! After the match we went to a Korean restaurant, the sk.wc3 players, reis, toad, myself and Mr Yoan "ToD" Merlo.

The food was actually quite good, I was sat next to Soju who went between stuffing his face and playing on his PSP, he seemed quite content to have some Korean food instead of MacDonalds.

Sharing food is culture as I've learnt from my girlfriend, when Asian people share their cuisine it is important to not reject if they try to share their customs with you. Knowing this I joined Soju in stuffing my face full of Korean food while the other guys talked about AWL, Extreme Masters and some other tournaments.

ImageReign and Soju are the quiet ones of SK Gaming, Lyn and ReMinD lead the show and the conversations perhaps due to a higher level of English or a higher motivation to practise it. None of them seemed too annoyed about losing to MYM, perhaps they were drowning their sorrows in Korean food secretly.

Reis is the big daddy of the group making sure everyone is ok and happily organises everything without expecting thanks which obviously sits very well with the players.

ToD had joined us as the only non-SKer there, from what I've seen he does not seem too close with his team-mates although he watches every match his team play. He opts for a more direct "you lost because of reason x,y and Z" instead of going for the "oh better luck next time".

Every player will watch the replay the moment they lose and as SaSe did so ToD was commenting how his tp could have better placed, I guess ToD has a role to play in heightening the skill level of the team.

After we were all well stuffed we went off home to the hotel, to sleep and prepare for the next day.

P.s. By the way "Sweetie" is getting a bit touchy that I did not include his real nickname which of course is NieSwiety!

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