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Diary of a newswriter - Thursday

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Feb 23, 2008 09:59

Finding myself with a bit of spare time I decided to write a little blog about the NGL-One Finals in Berlin.

I arrived in Berlin Thursday afternoon to a moody reis moaning because himself, Losemann and SK fanboy Toad had had to wait 2 hours for me. We travelled to our "Senator Hotel" apparently a 4 star hotel, from the outside it seemed so but once you got inside it seemed they'd run out of money!

The first confusion was over the rooms as reis had specifically asked for two single beds but the fnatic.cs guys for some reason had claimed they were SK Gaming by confusion or deliberately, leaving reis to share a double bed with Miou.

The guy behind the desk was obviously pissed off we had inconvenienced him so much despite his obvious initial cock up which then led to the problem in the first place. Luckily the problem was rectified and we avoided a Mr X rumour of reis and miou sleep together in a 4 star hotel.

The rooms were normal I guess, I was a bit dissapointed as it said 4 stars and I had done my best to mention it whenever I said to my friends I was going to Germany. The television was small enough to fit in my pocket, the internet was not free and cost 17 euros for a day (which considering we are away for most of the day seemed pointless) and the beds are quite small, so no rolling over in the night or you'd find yourself flat on your face!!

ImageAfter a quick meal we hopped in a taxi to go pick up the Korean players together, so we picked up SK.Wc3, MYM.WC3 and bald-headed organiser Nordahl.

First impressions of the Koreans were they seem to move as a unit but even after a few hours it was clear which ones are the leaders of the pack. Lyn, Remind, Lucifer & Susiria seemed the most comfortable around Europeans and seem to be the leaders of their respective roster.

The koreans politely shook our hands and said hello, Toad who's favourite player is Lyn almost had an orgasm when as Lyn shook his hand he said " I know you, you are T-O-A-D", Toad went bright red and obviously did not expect his favourite player to even say anything more than a polite hello.

I asked Losemann whether at times like this he regrets not being able to speak Korean but he said he preferred it that way, easier to keep a little bit of distance to maintain a certain level of professionalism, it is his job after all.

Knowing Korean however is not a necessity as most have an understanding of the language and in the case of Lucifer, Susiria, Lyn and Remind have a high level of English. Soju is the quiet one of the group, choosing to speak only when necessary even to Koreans, his favourite partner is his trusted PSP which he takes out at any opportunity.

ImageWe then took taxis back to the hotel, I was in a taxi with Lyn, Soju, Reign and reis and they were busy discussing the line-up.

Even from my 0 knowledge of Korean I knew when "Turtle Rock", Undead, WC3L and other Warcraft3 related words were mentioned what the topic of conversation was.

My girlfriend is Chinese so I'm used to her sometimes conversing with Chinese and being unable to comprehend but you get used to it, like a switch you can press on and off making you able to ignore it but still smile politely.

I gaze into the distance only to suddenly hear reis say "Malystryx" and then turn to see 4 koreans staring at me, I replied "hello" politely and let them continue their chat. I did not really want to pressure them too much to speak English unless they really wanted to.

ImageOn our return we walked to Burger King, SK & MYM gaining relations as it were. Nordahl is a very happy chappy much like Losemann, although E-Sports is always told it should be more "professional", I hate meeting stiff/serious people, luckily the MYM duo do not fit in this category.

Although Losemann loves to repeat stories! Remind sat and chatted to me saying I was the first British person he's ever met, I felt reasonably proud considering how much he travelled but then realised the huge lack of good British gamers!

But generally it is what I try to do now I'm going to more events, I'm not fanboy so I won't give attention to every famous player I see, they get enough attention as it is and probably it has already feeded their ego.

ImageSome gamers are more down to earth like Remind who is just a "legend" much like Lyn, they are probably the "coolest" looking guys of the bunch and break the geek stereotype into pieces.

The MYM crew dissapeared off into the night while we waited for the arrival of the 5th member of sk.wc3, Mr SK.miou. He arrived from the darkness with his long blonde hair with a beer bottle in his hand and shook everyone's hand with a big smile on his face.

Considering some abuse miou gets from the public miou is obviously very comfortable in his own skin and fun to talk to, although the topic of beer seems to re-appear quite often.

We then returned to the hotel room, where reis invited over Kiwikaka and Rukie from Mtw. I accidentally asked if Kiwikaki had to take days off school to come here, assuming he was 15 years old but he then told me he was 18 and quit school 3 years ago! He gets by by playing poker apparently making $2000 a month! TOad and I then watched some freestlye Ski DVDs and went to bed ready for the beginning of the NGL-One.

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