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EuroCup XVI Clever or Stupid?

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Sep 17, 2007 13:54

Today ClanBase announced the games and their gametypes for its sixteenth EuroCup. This seasons EuroCup sees ClanBase dropping Counter-Strike 1.6 as well giving Warcraft III a EuroCup but in a mod of the game called Defence of the Ancients otherwise known as DOTA.
Now ClanBase has a huge community for a huge variety of games however the largest communities are in games that do not feature in major E-Sports tournaments, games such as Call of Duty 2, Enemy Territory and Medal of Honor Allied Assault.
ClanBase has tried to follow the trend using the same games as other tournaments but with one small problem, no-one cares about ClanBase. Harsh but true, the overly hardcore and proud "E-Sports community" as well as the players put CB pretty far down the list. With results in CB EuroCup matches not being played, players postponing, players cancelling attendance at LAN finals etc...
CB has supported Call of Duty 2 in the past, it featured at EC XI, XIII and XV so its hardly a surprise it has 2 EuroCups with it being if im not mistaken the largest community on ClanBase in terms of active clans and matches.
Warcraft3 has had a pretty shaky history on ClanBase in terms of EuroCups. Back in the day 3 years ago the Master Clan League (MCL) managed to attract the big clans to show an interest in CB but these days the CB is pretty similar to Incup, a nice way to pick up some extra cash if you can be bothered to play the matches.
Sure CB EuroCup Warcraft III features some big names but people just do not care about a LAN which features only 4 players despite the best efforts of many Warcraft 3 Game Supervisors including myself.
My immediate response to seeing DOTA as the choice of EuroCup for Warcraft III was what the hell how stupid but then after the initial reaction I started to think. You have to think logically why would CB one of the largest gaming community websites want to keep putting most of its resources in terms of prize money into EuroCups that neither the community nor the players care about?
It seems a much better idea to put prize money into communities that are either big on ClanBase such as CoD 2, or who lack tournaments with prize money such as DOTA. ClanBase can become the leader in these game-types offering LAN finals as well as prize money to games and communities that are lacking them.
When I think of ClanBase I think of my trip to Russia, my father gave some money to help my brother make some improvements on his home for his children. When he had done that my dad turned to me and said "he said thanks, but he did not say thanks very much", when people always get presents they come to expect them and not treasure them anymore.
I remember the Call of Duty guys at EuroCup XIII, they actually came up to me to thank me for the news item about them. I was shocked, Warcraft III & CS Players just take it for granted now, these guys are still humble and appreciate any kind of effort from anyone.
Whether or not ClanBase will succeed in getting the wider audience interested in these gametypes is another matter, but in my opinion although it seems like a CPL moment of insanity dropping CS 1.6 back in 2005 it is also the best option given ClanBase's current situation within the E-Sports community.

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