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Starcraft 2

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
May 27, 2007 23:30

Well I crawled out of my sick bed on Saturday to see two things; the first was the F.a.Cup Final which was a HUGE disappointment, the second to see what new game Blizzard were unveiling. I don't think any of us were really surprised it was Starcraft2, apart from maybe the lunatics that believed it would be an MMO.
It is supposed to be a new game or an expansion pack? Where is the 4th race? I really hope they announce one later on but when considering it I thought well it could be hard to think of a truly original race and units that doesn't look like any of the current 3. Protoss = Future, Terran = Present, Zerg = Past in terms of fighting style/technology so where do you think they could slide in a new race? (no, it won’t be “imba night elf”, whiners)

I played Starcraft online for 2 years before moving onto Warcraft3, I got Reign of Chaos a couple of months after it was released and I remember all the whines from Starcraft players when clan members "betrayed" them. "Go play with your magic, your orcs and your little “heroes”" I remember one clan member said. There were several reasons why Starcrafters did not like Warcrafter.
Heroes: Most people did not like the idea of “Heroes” when Warcraft3 came out, seemed too much like Diablo meets Starcraft.
Hp: They did not like that it took so long to kill one unit, in Starcraft the equivalent to a Warcraft3 footman or ghoul was a marine for the Terrans and a tank in Siege Mode (sacrifice mobility to increase attack damage, range and add splash) could kill maybe 5-10 marines in one shot?
Magic/Fantasy: I mean men like “guns n stuff”, destruction, carnage and blood. Warcraft3 when it came out seemed like a happy RTS, lots of pretty colours, the units even made funny noises (they did in Starcraft, well they made noises, not necessarily funny).
I think Blizzard will realise this and continue to keep the two games separate, they did that with Warcraft2 -> Starcraft ->Warcraft3 and the step back to Starcraft2 should be no different. Although when I moved to Warcraft3 it was easy, if you had played Starcraft it was so quick to pick up. Warcraft3 just added small things like being able to put multiple buildings in one group or a map ping that you thought “yeah we really needed that on Starcraft”. I hope Starcraft2 will live up to expectations but will it “Kill Wc3?”, I highly doubt it, it will take time to become balanced for instance and its still not released for another 1-2 years probably!
Although I think that like me, other old fans will suddenly think about maybe just playing a little Starcraft in the next year or so just to get a feel for it again so the Starcraft community could build in anticipation of the Sc2 release.
What do you all think?

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