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de_dust2 Closed

By Luca 'Lumax' Acosta
Mar 5, 2011 19:34

We was the CT team on the map de_dust2 in counter strike 1.6, we started with 4 guys cuz' the player puaj' had a connection problem. At the round 9 we was 8 - 1 lossing, the first half finisht 11 - 4 and we was lossing.

The Player Alexander 'russian' Restaka said: "At the second half in tt we have to pown them" As he said the fist round I(Luca 'Lumax' Acosta) made a TK.

Second round he (alexander 'russian' restaka) made another we was like OMG!, then in the round 8 the player AmhraK made another tk :).

That match finished with an 16 14.


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