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1.1 to 1.1SE Mod

By Nick 'JetBlk' Shaw
Jul 29, 2006 19:00

» JetBlk's MS IE1.1 Mod to 1.1SE
Before I posted an insider forum thread telling people how to do this. I came up with the mod after I was tired of seeing so many people ask for a 1.1SE. This mod will give your 1.1 the same feel as a 1.1SE. What you do is you take a paper towel with some nail polish remover or acetone and rub it onto the white surface of the mouse. After about 30 minutes your mouse should be completely smooth and the grip should improve. When your hand sweats you shouldn't have a problem with the mouse slipping. If you have any questions post in the guestbook or send me a message. Enjoy!
» JetBlk's MS IE1.1 Mod Pics/User Pics - Left to Right: IE3.0, Modded 1.1, Modded 1.1, Razer Copperhead
*More Comming Soon
*Note If any of you that have done the mod and have pictures, send the link to me and I will include them here.

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