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Three days in China!

By Jaczie 'JacziE-' L
Apr 7, 2006 15:56

So.. everybody probably knows all the hulabaloo about WEG being postponed, and no one knows what's really up with the people in here!
Let's see.. most of us arrived on the 4th. ToD arrived early in the morning, while I arrived later in the afternoon along with most counterstrike players from SK, NoA, Catch and 4K. First news that comes to us during dinner was that the event was postponed due to some complications regarding the permit for hosting the game in Hangzhou, so that was seriously a bummer. Most of the players felt really bad, especially since they flew for almost a day to come to China, as compared to my measly 3 hours coming from the Philippines.
Most of the players decided to go out and have fun, and was trying to look for clubs to drink and dance. We went on 3 separate taxis, 2 got there, and 1 got lost. Unfortunately, that 1 taxi had me inside it, with 3 other counterstrike players (SK guys, I think). -_- It was raining and cold -_-... so we decided to go home after we couldn't find where the other people were..
On the 5th, we decided to go again... that club was good. I haven't drank and danced in quite a while (last time was in Singapore). There were Chinese guys kept trying to dance with me and then speaking to me in Chinese, which of course I can't understand but they thought I was local.. so I'm like.. err.... no... not Chinese. Then I asked for help from a WEG organizer to tell them instead ~_~
On the 6th, ToD and I went to West Lake as was evidenced by the pictures -_- Ok I'm short.. so what. Lol~ At night we went clubbing again with Tod and Ran from and his friend Joe ^_^:
7th is lazy day, just hung around and ate. Now at hotel gonna sleep!!!!!! :) EDIT: actually, ToD is sleeping while I play WC3 with some of the WEG organizers -_-
That's all... maybe more stories soon on the coming days!

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