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ESWC 2010 – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Jul 12, 2010 03:03

A well-earned Silver Medal or simply a lost World Championship?
Let me start chronologically: My bootcamp in the SK Office right before ESWC went perfectly. I felt so good, highly motivated, really really well prepared and ready for my first prestigious international eSport event. I went there as German Champion in Need for Speed: SHIFT and probably as Top-Favourite for the ESWC Title with a Topseed under my belt.

But already at Disneyland, few minutes after we (Alex, Tim, Min-Sik & Shane) have arrived, rumours were afloat which supposedly said that my steering wheel will be banned from the tournament. I went to the hotel kinda pissed and pretty confused which made the night even harder. Besides having 30°C in the room with definitely crazy but cool room mates (Cheers! Cyhper, k1llsen and Ayhan!), I just thought way too much about the rumours and couldn’t really get any sleep.

First day, Disneyland 10:00AM, Groupstage: I tried to focus, but the mentioned rumours immediately turned out to be true. I don‘t want to bother you with the details – All I can say: I bought a steering wheel that was allowed accoring to the rules and in my opinion choosing the right hardware is also an important part of your preparation. What happened then? Basically other players complained that my wheel is reputed to be way better than everything else and came up with bullshit arguments. As there were no evidences in favour nor against it, the admin decided to change the rules and disallow that one specific steering wheel. For you non-racing guys: Would be the same if a CS-Team joins the tournament with ball mouses and complain about the Steelseries stuff for example…

Anyways, especially with Alex, who even discussed hours with ESWC head admins, Tim and Min-Sik on my side I tried to do the best out of my situation. Good music was definitely a key to success… Which music it was will be my secret though! But it felt so damn good and right to win the groupstage with a different piece of hardware I was totally not used to. I enjoyed my day off before I had to face Taiwan in the quarter final at Saturday.

Saturday, 10:00AM, Playoffs: That mentioned match went quite okay and I finished it with another 2-0 victory, but due to some weird and unexplainable reason the tournament bracket were kinda messed and both group winners met each other in the semi-final already. That meant I would have an epic match against Germany‘s Need for Speed Legend Niklas ‚Sliver‘ Timmermann. I felt pretty nervous as I had to change the steering wheel once again. Funnily enough I decided to take an one hour nap on a couch in the event location to calm down. It worked pretty good and I managed to win against Sliver in a three map exciting battle.

GRAND FINAL: I had one match left and one goal in my head, but the dream got destroyed on the third and deciding map in the Grand Final. I lost 1-2 to Steffan (Netherlands) after he crashed into my rear and used that accident to become World Champion. Even though the rules clearly said that if there is a car contact the guy behind is not allowed to get any advantage out of situation, the admins decided, after an one hour discussion, that this, let me call it, deciding contact was legal and not unfair!

I had tears in my eyes. No doubt! I felt like… just being treated wrong... I couldn’t change it though. I had to accept it in a sportsmanship way although it was pretty hard after being sooo close before becoming World Champion. Fair enough: I went to Paris with the imagination of waving the German Flag during the prize ceremony on the Grand Stage preferably as World Champion. Besides the last part I tried to enjoy that special moment and there is probably going to be a moment where I can start being proud of my performance.

Well, let me find a good blog-ending to keep it "short". I just wanna say that the event itself, besides the tournament, especially the players party was amazing. Thats why I love eSports and I took home good memories besides a World Vice-Championship Title. I think the girls are gonna tell you more about the rest anyway, so I remain with following. I was glad to meet the girls, boys, rapha and everybody else from SK as well as several other guys! And THANKS for all the support. I’ll definitely keep fighting!!!

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