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Let’s sum-up 2009! – A restart in every way?

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Dec 28, 2009 05:55

As it seems kinda trendy to have his very own review of the year I want to jump on the train and just end my eSports year 2009 with a little flashback.
2009 already started with a small highlight in my so-called “career”. Virtual Racing organized a Charity Event which was quite successful and brought us the chance to race against a real Formula One pilot. After I have already done this promotionally versus Timo Glock in 2007 at CeBIT it was a pretty cool thing and great fun to face Adrian Sutil in a more or less competitive way.

SK added well-known Need for Speed players on 31st January. To be honest, this fact will play a big role later on, but I will continue chronological. The first half-year was quite calm and not action-packed though. I only competed in my first Virtual Racing Touring Car Championship and ended up as "Rookie of the Season", which actually was not a big deal for me. At this time I was also struggling heavily at school, but that's another topic and more private anyway. Worth mentioning though is my CeBIT-Trip in March this year. Not really successful but at least some action for me in “early 2009”!

In summer things changed again. The Electronic Sports League announced a huge Motorsport Portal and kicked off their season with Opening Cups in three Sim-Racing games and I became ESL Sports RACE07 Pre-Season Champion 2009. Only one week later we, Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye and I, went to Munich for three successful and awesome days where we dominated the last Intel Racing Tour Stop in Germany. We came home with two VIP-Journey tickets to the Formula One Grand Prix in Valencia. (I guess, I will never ever forget that trip!!!) In meantime, waiting for my “Spain-holidays”, I also managed to become BERLET Racing Tour Champion 2009 and connected my Valencia-Trip with one day at "Gamescom" where I met a lot of great guys!!! (For example Pascal 'gaLLo' Jäger for the very first time and we even shared a bed in our first night together… ewww.)

Okay, better let's change topic. Back from Spain, school started again. Definitely a restart for me! I do not want to talk a lot about my real life on SK, but in this case it was absolutely the best thing what could have happen to me. Anyway, cheers to all my classmates! (I doubt anyone is going to read this.)

At Gamescom I already came in contact with EA’s latest Need for Speed title – Need for Speed: Shift. Only because of the SK's Need for Speed players I kind of fell into the Arcade scene again. I qualified myself for the ZOCKEN DELUXE tournament without any practice and finished third, only losing to Niklas 'Sliver' Timmermann, in the EA SPORTS Bar. The fact that I had only one bootcamp evening in the SK Office, before the tournament, made the bronze medal even more unexpected for me. But in the end it was the point where I decided to concentrate a little bit more on Need for Speed.

I finally stepped back from the ESL Touring Car Championship 2009 after I have missed one race, due to some private reason, even though I was leading the Championship at that point. And I finished my Sim-Racing “career” with the Virtual Racing Touring Car Team Championship title just a few weeks ago. But I am leading the ESL Need for Speed: Shift Premiership and waiting for my opponent in the EA MASTERS Season 8 Online Qualifier #1 Overall Final. And thus it is official:

I am going to continue playing in 2010 and will fully concentrate on Need for Speed: Shift!

I would like to thank SK Gaming as well as everybody I have seen, met, talked to, worked with or played in 2009 for a great year and wish you all a Happy New Year 2010! d:

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