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48 hours Cebit 2009 - Global Finals EM III

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Mar 10, 2009 01:22

Winning - Losing - Laughing - Crying... just everything!!! All in all: It was still a great weekend...
I never really planned to go to Cebit'09, but after watching the matches over the week I somehow wished to go there though. Friday night then, after SK's win over mTw and an unbelievable loss versus mibr, b0nd told me that he and Jay are going to have some fun in Hannover (because the Intel Racing Tour was there as well).
It was almost 1am and i just woke up, as my sleeping schedule is fu**ed up anyway... so... I finally decided to catch
the next train to Hannover 5o'clock in the moring after playing some CS with b0nd, lidy and immo. (and bibi ofc!)

Well, yeah..., after a really boring train ride of five hours through half of Germany, I finally entered the Cebit exhibition.
Exactly two years ago we joined SK Gaming on the same fairground - some special place actually :' )
And these years in SK were quite amazing, especially for me, and I am really looking forward to the future!

When I entered the Hall 22 on Saturday, it was great to see all the eSports guys again. No matter if it's Tim, Maly, walle, Robban, or Carmac... and my Racing Mates of course!!! I also met some people for the first time, like reis and Zechs.
But I was still to shy to talk to the other SK Sweden players... haha, though I could fill up the list with many other names, especially the Racing guys I met, I'd say all of them are great guys and it's always worth to meet them at any time.

We, the Racing Team (Jay, b0nd and I), decided to focus a bit on that Racing Tour thingy, because they have thrown out a brand new CPU to the fastest guy at the end of the day. I wasn't really prepared at all, because it was just some unknown random special-event (at least to us) and not an offical racing tournament. Due to the fact that it was played with Live for Speed, you were still able to find many known racers at the wheel.

The last time I started LFS, though, was already over 6 months ago, as i just switched to "GTR Evolution" in summer 2008. At the end of the day, in my ~fifth attempt, I still managed to get the best time overall - b0nd and Jay sucked ofc... ;b - But I think my Live for Speed skills aren't really lost and I showed that I am still quite fast.

Whatever! Because I was beaten in the very last attempt anyway... by some upcoming known Live for Speed talent. Good job and respect to him!!! Very well done, even though it was really close!
Yeah, sh*t happens... after losing an 1000€-CPU in the last seconds I was finally able to enjoy some eSport action.
I love watching SK matches and supporting them, don't mind which game!

And it was great to meet walle and Robban again, after talking to them in Paris where I was quite shy ^_^
Haha... anyway, due to all that trashtalk in IRC it was really cool to see and support them in Hannover!!!

Even though... it was sad to sit directly behind them while they were losing (versus MYM especially...) :' (
I think wallemo joined the club and everybody was quite disappointed, including me.
Every passionated and professional gamer wants to win!!!!! (besides having fun, of course)
Next time we will hang out and go partying after _winning_!, aight guys!? ; ) Cheer up and keep fighting!!
But at this point it was the best to end the day...

On the next day, though, we had some fun at the Racing Tour again!
We also copied that pic infront of alice's poster of our ladies team. :-)
Sorry for stealing the idea, HeHe.., but we had to get in a better mood and it was at least some fun.
Last action before I left the exhibiton was the WOW Grand Final.
Crazy stuff... especially the fourth match of that second best-of-five! Sadly with the wrong end again...
I just recorded a POV of SK.hyoga during that epic match, you can find it on the startpage!

All in all: It was a great eSport weekend once again for me.
Not really successful, but it showed me that Gaming is exactly the right thing for me!
Cheer up and keep fighting mates!

Danny o/

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