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Maxlan 14 - Live Coverage Blog by HuskY

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Nov 21, 2008 23:21 - SK Racing Team @ Maxlan 14
Live Coverage Blog by SK|HuskY`

Sunday - 13:37 (last live entry!)
Final Results:
Live for Speed Main Contest - SK|Jay - 1st place
Need for Speed 1on1 - SK|HuskY` - 1st place
Project Gotham Racing 1on1 - SK|HuskY` - 1st place

Live for Speed Main Contest - SK|b0nd - 2nd place
Live for Speed Main Contest - SK|Clio - 4th place
Live for Speed Main Contest - SK|SandMan - 5th place
Counter-Strike 1.6 - SK Gaming feat. "ESDS" - 5th place

Trackmania 1on1 - SK|HuskY - 4th place
Trackmania 1on1 - SK|SandMan - 5th place
Trackmania 1on1 - SK|Jay - 9th place

It was a lot of fun and a quite successful event for us.
I thank you for reading my blog and supporting us!!!!!
I'll update the blog with new photos, videos and a last summary within the upcoming week!
(//UPDATE: Gallery is updated with new "David Portnicki-Pics"!)
You are welcome, cheerio and ciao
Danny "HuskY`" Engels

Sunday - 12:00:
PGR4 1on1 Final - SK|HuskY [01:00] Mister Zweig
--- SK.HuskY - Project Gotham Racing 4 1on1 Winner ---
//UPDATE: Live for Speed - Final Ranking
1st - SK.Jay (46 pts)
2nd - SK.b0nd (38 pts)
3rd - HFD|t3ddy (32 pts)
4. - SK.ClioRacer (29 pts)
5. - SK.SandMan (21 pts)
6. - HFD|Fruity (17 pts)
7. - end`Vogel (7 pts)
8. - Fettkopp (6 pts)
8. - Breiten (6 pts)
10. - monthu (5 pts)
--- SK.Jay - Live for Speed Main Contest Winner ---

Sunday - 10:00:
Need for Speed 1on1 Final - SK|HuskY [02:01] IcY
--- SK.HuskY - Need for Speed 1on1 Winner ---
The Live for Speed racers are preparing for the last race on Aston GP.
//UPDATE: PGR4 (Semi-Final) - SK|HuskY` [01:00] HFD|Fruity

Sunday - 03:00:
First Maxlan Gallery is online now:

Sunday - 02:00 (General update):
Open Matches for Sunday:
Live for Speed - Final Race (AS GP / F08) (11:00 am)
Need for Speed 1on1 Final - SK|HuskY vs IcY (10:00 am)
//The entire rest of Project Gotham Racing XboX tournament will be played on Sunday!

Final Results:
Counter-Strike 1.6 - SK Gaming feat. "ESDS" - 5th place
Trackmania 1on1 - SK|HuskY - 4th place
Trackmania 1on1 - SK|SandMan - 5th place
Trackmania 1on1 - SK|Jay - 9th place

Sunday - 01:30:
Overall Top10 Ranking after 2 of 3 Live for Speed Races:
1. SK|Jay - 36 pks
2. SK|b0nd - 32 pks
3. SK|SandMan - 21 pts
4. SK|ClioRacer - 18 pts
4. HFD|t3ddy - 18 pts
6. HFD|Fruity - 13 pts
7. end`Vogel - 7 pts
8. monthu - 5 pts
9. Gurulfs - 4 pts
10. killerbee - 1 pts
10. uPzeTT3r - 1 pts
SK.Jay win both races of the 2nd event in Blackwood and took over the overall lead.
SK Gaming Racing is dominating the entire Maxlan LFS Main Contest.
Final Race will be tomorrow at 11am on Aston Grand Prix / F08

Saturday - 22:00:
gamer-FM had some problems to stream the Live for Speed race into the Internet, but it was streamed for local visitors and a VoD will be available for you guys, after the weekende on gamer-FM.
Anyway, the first race is over and SK|b0nd finished it in first place with a victory and 2nd place (18 pts).
SK|Jay just follows him in 2nd place (16 pts) and HFD|t3ddy (10 pts) got third overall.
The next two races will be in an hour and i'll give you the complete overall standing after these races.
// UPDATE: Trackmania 1on1 - 1/2 Final - SK|HuskY [00:02] hng>>Shadox

Saturday - 19:00:
Final destination: Counter-Strike Semi Final Loserbracket!
// UPDATE: SK Gaming feat. "ESDS" [12:16] InterGalacTic (de_cbble)
More matchresults:
Trackmania 1on1 - 1/4 Final - SK|SandMan [01:02] SK|HuskY
Project Gotham Racing - 1/4 Final - DJ Nussbaum [00:01] SK|HuskY
Live for Speed will be broadcastet by gamer-FM with SK|HuskY at 20:00 - Live @

Saturday - 15:30:
Live for Speed Main Contest System
3x2 15minutes races:
-South City Long / GTR
-Blackwood GP / XRG
-Aston Grand Prix / F08
Gamer-FM will stream the first two races LIVE at 20:00 on South City Long! Check !
Project Gotham Racing and Need for Speed are finally starting tonight!

Saturday - 12:30:
Counter-Strike 1.6 5on5 Winnerbraket Semi Final:
// UPDATE: SK Gaming feat. "ESDS" [04:16] c00lt e.Sports (de_train)
Next Match will be Loserbracket Semi Final on de_cbble this evening!
Live for Speed is going to start at 3o'clock (~delayed again) and
we are still waiting for Project Gotham Racing and Need for Speed schedule

Saturday - 10:30:
Good Morning SK Community - I got some time to summerize the first day after a short and cold night: It was a pretty good start for us in the Counter-Strike tournament. We are already in the Winnerbraket Semifinal vs. c00lt eSports on de_train later today, after two pretty easy dominating wins yesterday.
But first of all, we are all waiting for the start of the racing tournaments. Trackmania is the only tourney which is already seeded; sad is, that i'll directly face SK|Jay in the first round there. However, Trackmania is just for fun and the Live for Speed racers will have their first drivers briefing very soon.
We are just relaxing a bit right now and I'll update you after the first Trackmania matches,
even though i guess, that we will be quite busy today....

Trackmania 1on1 - Round 1:
// UPDATE: SK|Jay [00:02] SK|Husky
// UPDATE: SK|SandMan [02:00] BB.Herby983

Saturday - 01:00:
The racing tournaments are already delayed and will probaly start tomorrow due to some technical problems. Anyway, we won our first Counter-Strike 5on5 match and are going to play vs. [GATA] in about an hour.
// UPDATE: WB 1/4 Final - SK Gaming feat. "ESDS" [16:00] [GATA] (de_nuke)

Friday - 22:00:
Counter-Strike 1.6 5on5 is the first tournament which will start in a few minutes. The matches are already seeded and we have to play versus OLDSTARS which seems to be a mix-team.
// UPDATE: WB 1/8 Final - SK Gaming feat. "ESDS" [16:09] OLDSTARS (de_dust2)

Friday - 21:00:
We are just setting up our PC's. The most tournaments are going to start around midnight. I'll update you guys later then! It's nice to see all the racing guys again and we are really looking forward to the entire LAN! I think I can promise that it will be a quite successful event for SK!

GTR Evo @ WCG'09 - Believe in change?!

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Nov 13, 2008 22:16

Yes we can? But not without your support!
The World Cyber Games is pretending to be the Olympic Games of e-Sports. I visited the Grand Final in Cologne this year and and can honestly understand that it is a dream of every gamer to win the World Cyber Games at least once! I would be even proud just to compete there once in my lifetime, but that has not been possible until now. I say, until now!

After more then five years seeing Need for Speed and Project Gotham Racing at World Cyber Games, I definitely want to say that this is enough for me now. Why do they need to pick two arcade racing games at the biggest eSport event in world? An event that should representate the entire "e-Sport thing" to the outstanding world. Do you want to see Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source in World Cyber Games next year? No!!! And I think the same for the racing games, even though I know that NFS and PGR are not the same games at all.

However it is actually the same thing for me: cars driving 1on1 into the walls and the fastest wallrider or crasher will be the winner! Let's mix it and bring a racing simulation game into the WCG and you will see that it is a totally other thrilling thing!

To be honest, I like NFS in a way too, and I would definitely miss it, if there won't be arcade games in WCG future. But the thing is, that i do not want to see them twice in such a big tourney. There is the possibility to get one simulation instead and it would even fit perfectly due to the fact that they will choose two games for each genre each year.

Anyway, now it is your turn - you can change the esport world and help my dreams come true!

Vote here now, please!

All I am asking you for is to choose "GTR Evolution" as one of the racing games, and it is your choice which arcade game you want to see next year in Chengdu!

Thank you! [:

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