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The EPS X show must go on ...

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Apr 5, 2007 02:29

The first half of the Live for Speed Electronic Sports League Pro Series X presented by Intel is over now. It was an curious first half for me with a lot "Up" and "Downs". Well i'll give you a short résumé of the first seven races in this blog news.
The beginng of the Season was quite good. I was really satisfied with the sixth place in race number one at South City Classic reversed. In the secound race i tried to tie in with my performance in race one, but another driver chrashed into me. Anyway, at the end i finished as seventh in this hard race. I would say, that was my first little "Up" in this Season, but the third race wasn't really an Up for me. There I just finished as twelfth with a quarter of points, which i gained in the first two races. With this bad race i realized that i have to practice a little bit harder ... and i did it. In race four on the Blackwood Circuit I did a nice fourth place close behind the podium. But i wrote already a more detailed blog about this four races and i also annouced the CeBit Event there. I think everybody of you knows what happened there and i needn't to write much about it ;) ...
Race four, with this nice performance in Blackwood, was my last race as OCRANA Racing driver ... a new "time" began (OCRANA Racing joined SK) ... SK announced his new Racing Team at CeBit 2007 in Hannover with a show race beetween Thomas Brdaric (German Soccerplayer), Timo Glock (German BMW F1 Testdriver), Nils 'n1lyn' Naujoks (SK Racing), Joachim 'Vykos' Fiess (SK Racing Team Chef) and me (Danny Engels (SK Racing)). It was a really nice start there for us, but my "new start" at the EPS X for SK was the opposite.
In race number five i got crashed again from the driver, who crashed me already in the secound race. My race was over after this crash and i only finished as 16th ... well i think it's clear that i was a little bit frustrated after this, because i lost a lot of important points in my first race as SK driver in the fight for the finals and that only because someone wrecked me. So, i trained a little bit more for race six mainly at the Maxlan (I won the Need for Speed: Most Wanted Cup there and finished as 2nd in the Live for Speed Maincontest at Maxlan 11). I was confident of doing a good race, but i got crashed there too. The bad thing of this is that a lagg wrecked me and only because one driver's sister was leeching some files :( . I was very angry, so that i trained more and more for race seven. I knew that i have to do better races now. I was only on place eight in the Overall Rankings of the ESL Pro Series X after six races and i was right in the thick of the fight for the Top10.
Well ... but i'm really happy that i showed my best race in race seven. I needed this succes as SK driver with a nice performance in Westhill. I missed the podium again, but gained a lot of points and 2 places in the Overall Ranking.
That was my first half of the Electronic Sports League Pro Series X (: Now we have the "easter-break", but not really for me. On Saturday we will start the new OWRL F1 League (I would say the LFS F1 World Championship with a lot of good drivers, e.g. from Cyber Racing, pod, ScP and many more.) It will be a hard race there over one and a half hour with two pitstops and a lot of strategy. After that i'll practise for the 8th race of the EPS X and we will see if i can show another great performance there.
I'm also a bit nervous when i'm thinking about the Intel Racing Tour Finals ... in two weeks 10 drivers will fight there for really nice prices like a BMW M6 for the first place. Nils and I try to win this event for the SK Racing Team ! I think i'll do a special blog for this event with my feelings and more information, pics or videos of the Intel Racing Tour Finals
Check the SK News, Coverage and my Blog Site for more information about this races (:
Danny o/
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