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Live for Speed - EPS Season X

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Mar 14, 2007 12:26

Well guys, lets talk a little bit about the new Live for Speed ESL Pro Series Season X (: --- (14.03.2007) ---
The first four races are over now. Nils is back on his 1st place in Overall Ranking and I am satisfied with my 5th place. I have never thought that there will be a really hard fight for the Finals this year. I would say there are 13 or perhaps 14 drivers, who are able to be and have the chance to be under the Top10 at the end. OhKeY, but I should focus on my races and I have the aim to attain the Finals in this Season, too.
Until now, except for Race 3, everything was fine. I was very constant in the other races, but I'm still waiting for a really great one. I don't know what happened in the 3rd race, but i drove a lot of crap. Well, it was good enough to finish as 11th or 12th .. i don't know really and i don't want it to know, but what i know is that i can do it much better, especially the XRT is one of my favorite cars in this game. Maybe it was bad luck or something like this and i am sure - it was not my day. At this time I'd a lot of trouble in school and i learned a little bit more then normal ;), because we wrote our first important exams ("Leistungskursarbeiten") in the new term.
Now it's relaxed. I have to do just one more exam before holidays. And this weekend i'll be at the CeBit (IT-Event). I think many of the german LFS guys will be there, especially for the last Intel Racing Tour Event ( - Everybody want to join the Top10 and win the BMW M6) and much more ;). I guess we'll have an interesting and funny time there and I'm happy that I'm the Leader of the Intel Racing Tour since a few months - so I'll watch what my opponents will do there!
But I'm sure you are able to see me in one of this BMW Cockpits at the CeBit ;) o/
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