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ESL Pro Series Finals Season X

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Jun 19, 2007 00:26

Yo, 10 drivers, 2 Races, 1 Title - "German Live for Speed ESL Pro Series Champion". This weekend the ESL Pro Series Season X Finals was taken place in Cologne at the G├╝rzenich. It was our 2nd big event as SK Racing Drivers and after the double victory at the Intel Racing Tour Finals, just 2 months ago, we were favorites for this event, too. My personal favorite was my teammate, the four times german EPS Champion, Nils Naujoks. I finished the regular season only as 7th, but i had many up and downs there. So I said I'll try my best and my personal aim for the Finals was at least Place 5.
The special thing at every Live for Speed Final is, that the admins choose the combo (track/car) just one or two hours before the race starts. So you have to learn the track and car really fast and try to find a good setup, too. Because of this fact everything was possible and i knew i can get into the Top 3 when they choose one of my favorite track or car.
At Saturday morning the show begun. I was really tired, because we had a lot fun this night with the other Live for Speed guys at the camping place and i slept around two hours on a chair in the cold forest of Cologne. The admin told us, that we'll drive the BMW Sauber F1 on the british Westhill International racetrack. Well, i was really happy about the F1, but i knew that Westhill is a hard and close highspeed track. It's really difficult to handle your car without mistakes there, specially in slipstream (dirty air and aeroloss) of the other cars or in awesome highspeed fights with your opponents. After one and a half hour of training i was really confident. In the One-Lap-Qualifying we showed, that SK wanna win this event too, specially Nils. He took the pole right in front of me and we defended our positions in the hole 1st race. For the 2nd Race, on the same combo, the hole grid was turned around at the start, it's in a way like WTCC. So I started at 7th position, but overtook already 3 cars in the first corner. Don't know how i made this, but it was really unbelievable and awesome, specially because Nils, right behind me, followed me and did the same thing. In a really hard battle with the n!faculty guys, some laps later, i had a lot of fun, but i overtook them with a faster pitstop or maybe the better strategy. At the end i finished the 2nd race on place two again and i was really happy about the Ranking after the first two races. It was clear that we wanted to defend our double lead at sunday morning. But I knew that Nils is normaly the better driver and i could not beat him if he'll make no mistakes. My aim for sunday was to defend my 2nd place. The admin choose the japanese track Kyoto National reverse with the GTR class. Kyoto National reverse is one of my favorite track and i love it to drive there. I was able to get the 3rd position in qualifying and Nils was one place in front of me. But after turn one it was SK, who was leading again on place one and two. In the long and hard race I was a little bit unconcentrated and lost one position in the last lap. But i was really satisfied with this 3rd place in Race Number three. In the last race it was the same problem again. I did not found a good pace and did a lot of mistakes. I destroyed the car a little bit and it was really crap to drive after stupid touches with other cars or the wall. Thereto i had some trouble with my pedals, too. They failed for about 15 seconds and i lost important positions. It was really crazy, and i was pissed off. I had to fight for my 2nd place again. It was close but, in the end, i made it. All in all it was an awesome event again and after the double victory at the Intel Racing Tour Finals a few months ago, we did the same amazing thing at the ESL Pro Series Finals this weekend. But this time it was Nils, who won the title. But i'm really satisfied and happy with my 2nd place after this hard Season with many up and downs. It was a funny and cool weekend with all the nice LFS guys, but also with my SK.Fifa mates. I said it already in our SK board - Everything was possible ... my personal aim was at least place 5.
In the end it was a double victory for SK Racing again. The new EPS will start in around 2 month and I'll try do my best for the next Season!
Danny o/

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