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Girls S01E06

By ivelina 'HellRose' danova
Sep 9, 2011 14:49

Hi! ;D

Before I slept last night I was thinking about writing a short blog. Although there isn’t much to say, I just want to say that looking for a sponsor for ESWC isn’t as easy as I thought. In the beginning we needed around 1000€ but after they announced the information that teams must pay a 1000$ entry fee and then pay for the hotel etc on top... the sum of money soon adds up and reaches around 2000€ but to our disappointment, this was too much for the organisations that we asked to afford. :( After this information the situation for us has got worse, unfortunately we will most likely not be attending ESWC therefore as a team we are really disappointed and this has affected our practices.

We are still awaiting some replies from various organisations and always have hope but we have lost our motivation a bit it would seem. Anyway, there is an online female cup this weekend that we are entering, if you guys would like to see some BAD counter-strike just follow us on facebook. We will post more information there as the time comes. Finally, I would like to share with you a webcam picture I took off myself last night since I was rather bored. Also, I would like to show you my new video, edited by rmL. Hope you like them both.

HellRose - 1on4 vs. MoscowFive.fe

P.S. Big thanks to rmL for editing my noobish frags and making them look better.

Ivelina ♥

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