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eSports as Brain Fuel Pt.2

By B 'HcK' F
Nov 3, 2005 16:05

Hi and welcome to Pt.2,
In my last blog i wrote about the Mental and physical aspects of eSports and the difference between Professional and Average Gamers in detail especially in 1v1 Games and usual InGame Situations.
If you didn't read it yet I'd suggest you to do so otherwise you wouldn't understand some things discussed inside this part.
You can find it under:
This Part will feature how to improve your Mental Strength in eSports and also some techniques to improve it, and the ability to focus and concentrate your brain which also is helpful in working and living situations.
A big part in eSports and your daily work is emotional control. This is maybe one of the most important abilities a Professional Gamer can train and use from the beginning to the end of his career.
First I'll take a simple example from Sports,
we all know that anger management in Sports as well as in the electronic Sports is an important thing which is responsible for the success of a Team or just a single Gamer.
So here we go,
Most of us have done some team sports like Soccer or Basketball in their life or individual sporting as Tennis for example. Take yourself as an example. What happens when you play bad or loose a ball, a break or the whole match up by simple faults everyone of us makes which is also totally human. Most people i know including me in the beginning of my sports career getting angry about their own faults especially if they loose a game. And Anger always leads to a mental brake loosing control about yourself and your ability to concentrate. So the secret of most professional sports athletes as well as electronic sports athletes success lays inside his mental strength. Let's take guys like Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel or Stephan "Stelam" Lammert for example. They have perfected the ability of mental coolness and emotional channeling. If you have a closer look at the top Teams like SK.swe or 1v1 Gamers in eSports you'll notice that these guys are totally concentrated on their game during the game. There is no moaning or any emotion in their face getting outstanding people or spectators to know that they've made a failure inside the game or lost an important position or missed a frag etc. There is just the Game and you.
They just keep things uncomplicated inside their selves and play their game even if they loose or win. That's the reason why you see them jumping up from their places after they won a Match up letting every feeling out they have inside. Some Gamers cry after they loose, others jump around and scream if they win but remember, during the game there is not a single emotion in their face and they don't start talking to them selves or start babbling something. That happens because it's inside the human nature you can suppress your emotions but you can't get rid of them totally. This would be dangerous as well in my eyes. The flame you can see in a winning players eye is also important, because that keeps him motivated and even shows others how motivated the players are. Like i read in a friends blog here at SK-Gaming TheSlash said "I could see the fire into the players eyes" and i think that was one of the reasons to build up SK.Swe again because they are highly motivated for 2006 and really want to move something again.
And to let out your feelings should be an important part for everyone of us in life, it doesn't care if you are into a relationship with a girlfriend or wife , in working situations or after you won or loose a game. Crying doesn't mean you are weak it just says you are a person that cares about yourself and in case of gaming about your performance. If you'd be an emotional ice block that shows no emotion before during or after the game you can't handle emotions in the right way, and people that can't handle emotions the right way doesn't have as we learned an important ability for the social life as well as gaming.
Well as we all know there are so called "Bad Days".
Days you can't concentrate on your game and seem to miss every shot or loose every game. This is the result of different factors i think the reason for such a bad day the most time is, and i can speak out of my own experience as well as most of you would agree, personal problems, with your family , your friends , your girlfriend or just with your life situation or job.
You have to make yourself free from everything before you play your game. As i said there is just the game and you, keep it uncomplicated, personal problems shouldn't be a reason that you can't get the peak of what you'd be able to do. And here comes the emotional factor in again.
If you have some problems they don't dissapear and as long as they are in your head you can't get rid of them. So first solve your problems. Talk to your girlfriend , boss or friends you have problems with and express your feelings. There are other ways to get rid of them as well and you should take the solution which works best for you, but you should always have in mind that you have to free your mind totally to reach the peak of your abilities.
Emotions are dynamically, they come and go and sometimes they are bigger and sometimes they are less strong everyone of us knows that. So there is no patent formula how to control them. But there are some simple rules and training methods to get them under control and handle them they way you should do if you want to be a professional gamer.
1. Take care of yourself and think about yourself.
First of all there is a Method we practiced in our Second Division German Basketball Team and which for me personally gave one of the biggest advantages in my life even nowadays. Get a friend or yourself a Video Camera and tape yourself during playing a eSports Match up or during sports.
You get the best results if you can't see the Video Cam or let them tape you when you don't think about being taped. This has to be, because people that are not experienced being filmed always act another way they'd do if there would be no cam even if they don't want it.
Afterwards have a look at the Tape and keep analyzing your body language and yourself. As well as me i think the first tape you see will really shock you. I've seen players talking to themselves in an angry way , screaming at their monitor , throwing gaming equipment on their table or around or just totally freaking out. Well if you are one of that players the first shock should be enough to get you think about why you lost the game or played that bad. But don't be upset, you can get that under control if you work with, and on yourself. Like with Alcoholism you've done the first step right now. Seeing yourself something is wrong and you want to change it right now is really a big step most of the casual gamers will never notice their self. You've done the first step to be more successful , calm down easier or get a better concentration ability and the always useful Anger Management.
The best examples are the guys i teached in Mental Coolness over the years and making them think about their selves. My total result of teaching this players and changing their thinking structure ends up in 8 of 10 players I've done that with played for the German National eSports Team, Team-Germany successful and also won a total of 6 Gold 2 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals in the past years Clanbase Nations cup. I think this an outstanding result for some months and years of hard work.
2. The Deep Breath
There are some situations in gaming where your emotions keep coming up and you are already feeling that you are loosing your concentration. A simple deep breath to your nose and breathing out to your mouth can help a lot, even if it's just such a simple thing. Try it yourself it really helps.
3. The Meditation
Meditation Exercises are not just for Shaolin Kung-Fu Masters or freaking esotherics. Meditation is an important exercise to get yourself fully concentrated and especially free your mind. Meditation also needs special breath exercises I'll give a separate Article later on. Oh btw Meditation makes your sex even better ;).
Well these are three simple things you can do everywhere at any time and if you do them correct and take care about yourself will improve your game as well as your social life and your ease of mind.
But now let's come to another really interesting question.
Is there anything out i can take which i can improve my game with?
Yes, there is.
What? There is something i can take to improve my game with? Tell me!
Well that's what i heard several times if i told people about. I'd call it natural brain doping which is totally harmless to your body and improves your brain functions and concentration ability a lot.
I am myself a guy that would never take chemistry or any products that could damage my body and i never know what's inside of it besides the usual flu medicine :P.
But it's no secret that there are several natural herbs people use for hundreds of years to improve their abilities and performance. Even Einstein was used to herbs and herb medicine and the medical and physical advantages of them.
And you don't need to be a herb witch to use them.
It's still a well kept secret inside the eSports Scene but several Top Players in Sports as well as eSports use these products to improve their reflexes , brain functions and the ability to concentrate and focus a lot better. And the best thing is that as you can see it works. There are some companys using a caffeine boost in their products which is a really bad thing because if you don't take them regularly or too early they'll cause a massive caffeine downswing which makes you really tired before you even play and as you know you can't play when you're tired you didn't get even 50% of your normal concentration and energy if you're close before sleeping. But there is one company which I'd say myself really take care about the gamers, doing massive research for their products and just use ingredients which are totally unharmful for your body.
These company i talk about and which you'll hear from time to time on big eSports events and if you talk to some top players is Mind-FX. Mind-FX has a product for gamers called Maxx Impulse and it is based on just 5 ingredients which are really powerful in the mix. To tell you everything about the single ingredients would take to long in this article so I'll just name them and i think you'll recognize some of them. It's based on Siberian Ginseng , Rhodiola , Green Orange , Meta bromine and the always famous Guarana you can find in several Energy drinks.
If you'd like to know more about Mind-FX and their products i can just suggest you to visit their site:
And take a look at everything yourself because I'm not here to make any advertisement. There you'll find all the research stuff and explanations about the ingredients and where to get their products. Try it yourself if you want and check for yourself how good it works out for you. It's like with the hardware, try it yourself and if you don't like it don't use it i can just say it's worth its price.
So as you can see there are several ways to train your brain and abilities and there are also products supporting you doing this. In my next article I'll go in detail about Breathing Techniques and Meditation styles which are useful for eSports players. I hope i opened up your mind a bit and maybe help you to get the next World Champion or reach the targets you want to reach.
Until then keep on thinking and play!
Bjoern Franzen

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