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By Rasmus 'Gux' Ståhl
May 12, 2010 21:50

Hey guys so arbalet coming up this weekend and we're realy looking forward to it, we have been training as much as possible for this event and hopefully we will get this first place now =D.

at my first two events with SK we started at third place in global finals then 2nd in ukrain and hopefully it's time for a first place now =D

I think we have a good chance for getting first place as we're starting to get to know eachother very well and the teamplay is starting to click, so i hope for a first place with sk now =D.

If we just get thru groupstage with some confident and hopefully a first seed, i think we'r gonna roll this tournament but if we don't things will get alot harder as we're still a new team and some setbacks are hard to handle when you don't have alot to fall back on but hopefully this is our tournament =).

So this was my first blog i hope you enjoyed it and thanks to all of our sponsors out there and to all the fans ur amazing!

Byebye all have a nice weekend with alot of cs spectating to come =D
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