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IOL S3D3 Qualifer and WCG Qualifer 28th of May

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
May 2, 2011 12:10

The up-coming IOL and WCG Qualifer is around the corner and we are attending both of them!

We are soon with the team going to the IOL Pre-Qualifer tournament, if we win this we get a wildcard to playoffs, that will later on take place on DreamHack Summer with 3 other teams. There will be some good mixes I think, but I'm not sure who will attend etc. So if you wanna see some good CS action from me and my team, be ready this weekend!


Check out my second gather with players from RAGE-eSport!


Later on, same month! We are attending the WCG Qualifer on Inferno Online the 28th of May (The day before my Bithday \o/ haha..) It will be 8 teams that will fight of for the 2 last spots at DreamHack summer (same tournament again!) that will play a final between who will be the Swedish National team! I think tho that the second team will also get a spot at the finals but will need to pay the trip etc. To attend! Anyway.. I would like to say that the seed for the WCG Qualifer was correct and I hope the others think the same :)

That's from me, lots of love and enjoy the wheater outside!

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