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IEM; Championship Finals 2011

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Mar 3, 2011 16:56

Small blog about IEM, the FX match who's coming up and other things!

So, guys. As you might understand. We are hours away from playing against FX tomorrow (09:10) which is a game that Iam looking alot forward to play. Most, because that we lost last time we met them. But, this is our "ticket" so to speak to the Finals the very next day! Anyway, we have been on CeBit for around 3 days now and taking profile pictues for the site and little bit for Toshiba also on that note.

For today we have been playing a little bit against eachother, even against EG on some maps but it was to laggy to play like, an map cycle against them.. Which sucks :-/

But I just wanted to say that we are really looking forward to play FX tomorrow and Iam for the moment watching the game between cooller vs av3k in the relegation round of Quake Live. 2 - 0 for the moment to cooller! So take care guys and I'll give you a another blog someday later on!


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