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selectah @ IEM (my view)

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Jan 18, 2011 15:18

So this is my draft for the upcoming IEM: European Championship V in Kiev
I will start to talk little bit about every player I have selected and why I picked them.

First of,

Edward: I cannot say so much more then say, his the king of usp's and will bring me alot of luck in pistolrounds!

GeT_RiGhT: I need to always pick myself, ofc? :-D

Fox: The russian AWPER, I think he will play a excellent event for MYM here and I dont want to lose the shoot at getting easy points for this guy!

TaZ: The polish leader! A great guy, great aimer and a great guy on holdin' spots!

ChRRRRp: My wildcard in this team, I think he will play well and decent for his team and for my team here at selectah!


So overall, "Why did you pick out this players?!?!?!" Answer;

I like to give all suchs of players a try and hope for the best, so I tried to look for first 2 easy players or 3, depends on the money and 2 so to peak, wildcards in the team! So that's why I got only One from SK here :-p...

Cya in Kiev everyone!

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