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2011 that is coming up!

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Dec 31, 2010 14:34

Happy New Year to you people that will read this!

Soon this year have passed by and a new one is coming up.
New challenges and a new team with new faces in it! :) I haven't felt this good for a upcoming year regarding suchs things like this.

2011 is gonna be a great year and I hope everyone will start to cheer for my new team here in SK, I would like also to add that I will do whatever it takes to make my team the best, it feels like it's the 17 year old GeT_RiGhT back again, but a much skilled one with a greater motivation that noone have ever seen! :-)

So from me to all the people I have met this year. I wish to everyone I met this year, happy new year and hope you'r will get 2011 even much better then this one! I mean everyone that I met, party with, hang with and so on! You made my year an amazing experince that I will never forgett!

Cya in Kiev 2011 everyone!


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