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IOL S3D3 Qualifer and WCG Qualifer 28th of May

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
May 2, 2011 12:10

The up-coming IOL and WCG Qualifer is around the corner and we are attending both of them!

We are soon with the team going to the IOL Pre-Qualifer tournament, if we win this we get a wildcard to playoffs, that will later on take place on DreamHack Summer with 3 other teams. There will be some good mixes I think, but I'm not sure who will attend etc. So if you wanna see some good CS action from me and my team, be ready this weekend!


Check out my second gather with players from RAGE-eSport!


Later on, same month! We are attending the WCG Qualifer on Inferno Online the 28th of May (The day before my Bithday \o/ haha..) It will be 8 teams that will fight of for the 2 last spots at DreamHack summer (same tournament again!) that will play a final between who will be the Swedish National team! I think tho that the second team will also get a spot at the finals but will need to pay the trip etc. To attend! Anyway.. I would like to say that the seed for the WCG Qualifer was correct and I hope the others think the same :)

That's from me, lots of love and enjoy the wheater outside!

Copenhagen Games and extra

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Apr 27, 2011 19:02

What I think about the Copenhagen Games event, my team and how we are improving as a group of people
Hello! Long time, no speak (?!)..

Just some days ago we were attending the Copenhagen Games 1.6 tournament in Denmark, Copenhagen. We had a pretty neat practise at home, but we haven't play this this before the a tournament when we created this team.. We had some free days before the tournament, people had things to do and I was on the DH; invitational in Stockholm.. So we didn't play as much as we wanted and "needed" So I was not so super sure where we would end, but when you feel that you'r practise is going good and things are getting better and better each day, you get somesort of "calmness" in yourself that makes you feel more relax for the up-coming tour! Anyway..

Groupstage 1;
eXplicit 16-1
Gamerzone 16-5
rimosso 16-5
x6tence 16-2

Groupstage 2;
munkka 16-2
lions 16-7
fnatic 16-10

As the groupstage went pretty smooth for us, we were also in some sort of "group of death" at this tournament again and coming up of top (again!) we were pleased about how good we are when we _really want it_ !

Moscow5 2-0 (16-13,25-21)
RAGE 2-1 (16-13,14-16,16-5)
Frag eXecutors 0-2 (13-16,7-16)


A video from the very last day of the event, filmed by aNNa


We first played against Moscow5, we have played against them before. We lost last time on LAN with 16-3 on inferno on IEM: European Finals, so we were really hungry to play them and win over them. The game itself were abit of relief of us, showing that we can perform when it's a bo3 system instead just a bo1, as in groupstage. After a intense game against them we ended up as winning team against them!

Second game in the playoffs were against RAGE, moddii who were a SK player before had a big task against us, showing the world that he should deserve be in a big team as SK or similer! The game itself was a pretty tight but overall we ended up with a nice and secure victory on dust2 with 16-5 and we were now in the finals!

Last game, against FX. A game I'm not sure I want to talk about. This wasn't really a final at all.. After many hours of delay and so on. We were knocked down after having a foot on the first place and ended up as runners-up at the event.. Good game to them!


The event itself was nice, sad it was a BYOC tho.. Could be cool if they would make it as a NONE-BYOC next time and make the delayes that happended fix to next time! :) The crew help't us when we needed something and were nice to us. So from my point of view, nice overall!


How good are we getting?

This is a topic, Iam really instressed in right now. Iam seein' everywhere that people arn't sure that we are a "team that can take goldes" and "can they beat NaVi?". I'm just sure that we arn't really there yet, but we are close.. Really close to make a big step into that place and showing usself as we want to! If you look at the previous result this year..

- #7-8 IEM5: Kiev (European Championship)
- #4 IEM5: Hanover (Championship Finals)
- #2 Xperia Play, Copenhagen Games

What can you take from this?

First event, not so good..
Seecond event, getting better and better..
Third event, close but not close enough!

So what can we see on the next event? Hopefuly a first place! Then we can start to play really good and perform as we want and make our fans, the organization of SK proud of us!

As of my team, we are getting better and better for each practise we are heading us-self into and dennis is coming closer and closer into the team and I'm proud of having such a nice guy and skilled player in our team and I hope that he wants to be with us :)


But anyway, that's from me and I hope you guys like what I wrote here and that you will support us even more now, we really need it to become even better!

Thanks for all the fans who never ever ends supporting us, the organization and myself ofc! And to my lovely girlfriend who came with us to the event and filmed us and other things there, thanks love< 3

How's life?

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Mar 21, 2011 18:38

So I haven't said anything in a while now, so I thought that a blog would do the trick!
So what's up? I don't know really, things have gone little bit smoother after IEM, which we ended in a "decent" fourth place in the tournament. I'am still hungry after a victory with the new team. We had some problems coming up with that Allen couldn't attend the finals with us, but we had a great standin Player, known as dennis. Who is a great and likeable guy!

Anyway, we are starting soon with practising for the up-coming Xperia Player tournament in Copenhagen, gonna be great tournament and Iam looking forward to traveling to Denmark again. Last time I was there was with f0rest when we were back in fnatic attending DSRack and KGC and we placed 2nd and 1st on those tours. Overall, Copenhagen is great city and the nightlife was pretty good last time, so maybe a remake on that with Marty-Party(!?!) :D

But anyway, I just wanted to speak a little from what I had in my mind and things will come soon regarding me, my team and for You, the fans. Look after my facebook group and you can win prizes soon :)

Take a chill pill, gtr

IEM; Championship Finals 2011

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Mar 3, 2011 16:56

Small blog about IEM, the FX match who's coming up and other things!
So, guys. As you might understand. We are hours away from playing against FX tomorrow (09:10) which is a game that Iam looking alot forward to play. Most, because that we lost last time we met them. But, this is our "ticket" so to speak to the Finals the very next day! Anyway, we have been on CeBit for around 3 days now and taking profile pictues for the site and little bit for Toshiba also on that note.

For today we have been playing a little bit against eachother, even against EG on some maps but it was to laggy to play like, an map cycle against them.. Which sucks :-/

But I just wanted to say that we are really looking forward to play FX tomorrow and Iam for the moment watching the game between cooller vs av3k in the relegation round of Quake Live. 2 - 0 for the moment to cooller! So take care guys and I'll give you a another blog someday later on!


selectah @ IEM (my view)

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Jan 18, 2011 15:18

So this is my draft for the upcoming IEM: European Championship V in Kiev
I will start to talk little bit about every player I have selected and why I picked them.

First of,

Edward: I cannot say so much more then say, his the king of usp's and will bring me alot of luck in pistolrounds!

GeT_RiGhT: I need to always pick myself, ofc? :-D

Fox: The russian AWPER, I think he will play a excellent event for MYM here and I dont want to lose the shoot at getting easy points for this guy!

TaZ: The polish leader! A great guy, great aimer and a great guy on holdin' spots!

ChRRRRp: My wildcard in this team, I think he will play well and decent for his team and for my team here at selectah!


So overall, "Why did you pick out this players?!?!?!" Answer;

I like to give all suchs of players a try and hope for the best, so I tried to look for first 2 easy players or 3, depends on the money and 2 so to peak, wildcards in the team! So that's why I got only One from SK here :-p...

Cya in Kiev everyone!

2011 that is coming up!

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Dec 31, 2010 14:34

Happy New Year to you people that will read this!

Soon this year have passed by and a new one is coming up.
New challenges and a new team with new faces in it! :) I haven't felt this good for a upcoming year regarding suchs things like this.

2011 is gonna be a great year and I hope everyone will start to cheer for my new team here in SK, I would like also to add that I will do whatever it takes to make my team the best, it feels like it's the 17 year old GeT_RiGhT back again, but a much skilled one with a greater motivation that noone have ever seen! :-)

So from me to all the people I have met this year. I wish to everyone I met this year, happy new year and hope you'r will get 2011 even much better then this one! I mean everyone that I met, party with, hang with and so on! You made my year an amazing experince that I will never forgett!

Cya in Kiev 2011 everyone!


GeT_RiGhT Settings for 2011

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Dec 13, 2010 02:23

So, people have been asking like crazy people about my config for the up coming 2011 and why it was saying 800x600 and so on. Down lower I will explain things better :)
First of all, I did just switch for 800x600. Because I thought 800x600 was better for me. But, I cannot play with it. The reason why is problaby the most stupid one there is out there, I have never really played with 800x600 before!

This is on my profile and everything is true. I don't have anything else. So don't believe the people who says "He has 800x600" and so on.

.Crosshair color: Green
.Crosshair size: Small
.Crosshair translucent: No
.Desktop gamma: 1.00
.Digital vibrance: Off
.Dynamic crosshair: Yes
.Ingame sensitivity: 2.9000
.Monitor refresh rate: 120hz
.Mousefix: No
.Noforce commands: -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel
.Radar type: Solid
.Resolution: 640x480
.USB polling rate: 500hz
.Vertical sync: Off
.Windows sensitivity: 6/11

Here is my config for the upcoming year. I still have the awesome nick " Don't Stop Believin' " :-) This three words is keeping me up even when things looks really dark and is going downhill

I would also like to add, what I really meant with this _MOTIVATION_ thing in my other blog.
I didn't have the motivation to play in fnatic anymore at all, I wanted to change team/player or quit the game. Now after played some practise games with my new team. Im getting that feeling that I had back in 2009 when I joined fnatic.

New motivation
New team
New year
New people to get to know
New smiles and jokes...

And the list is getting longer and longer for each day that goes!

From IEM: Global Finals 2010, this is what I want and I will not stop till I get that form. No matter what.

Take care people till next time!


My thoughts and answers

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Dec 8, 2010 17:39

SK 2011 - RobbaN f0rest GeT_RiGhT face allen
I can say it took me some hours to relize that I'm back in the SK shirt, or "back and back" I was only in SK for two weeks last time? I think this time it will last for a much longer time! :)

I wanted to write down somethings why this happened, my motvation, the SK roster and so on. I hope that you guys will get a clearer mind on this.


This is one of the main reasons why I'am leaving fnatic. I didn't have the best motivation to play in a team when I was having all sorts of problems in my life. One thing I can mention s that. Three of my best friends as I seen them, went to Australia for around 3,5 months and will come back after new years eve. On a note for me, was something that I really really wanted to join them up to go there. But I'm actually having CS to think about and its nothing bad! :-D

What can really cure this motivation problems? I think actually to change player, switch team or you can take a even easier way out - Quit the game. The last part is something I have actually been really thinking alot on, there was time I didn't want to play at all.

Tired of playing, tired of all the flights you'r taking all around the world (I'm afraid of flights, true story! :(( ) and so on. But I guess everyone can see that I'm not stop playing, right.

SK Roster

So let's talk about the players I will play with the next year!

Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström

Is actually a player I always want to play with, I have never been dissapointed of seen him play. Always played his best, have a smart play and is a very good ingame leader what I have seen and heard.

Johan 'face' Klasson

Johan, is a person that I have been playing with before. In NiP,MYM,blank and so on. But, we have always ended up with going two different ways of gaming. Now again I'm coming back to a player who has always a "sweet heart" and a smile on his face (*lol* face *lol*) He have also turned in to a really good player sinces we played in NiP, really good on holding spots alone.

Jimmy 'allen' Allen

Jimmy is a person I have always wanted to play with but really never got the chance with, I remember a long time ago that he didnt like me because I was better then him, online! :D But I hope he have turn down his axe and hopefuly can give me a hug now and kill everyone on the server to make us win! Allen's playing style is also great to see, he's a good player that never "dies" in my eyes.

Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg

What can we about this man really? I have been playing with Patrik for around 2 years now and I still love playing with him. This is a man, that can turn a game around. Does people remember him jumping into the b spot on dust2 against Full-Gaming @ Slap this year? If so, that's just showing how good this player really is! (H) puttje!!


People may remember the headlines, "SK kicked GeT_RiGhT" back in 2008 or something. We can say we had our disagreements back then, but we have actually make them cleared and I think actually most of the things back then went wrong because I was much younger back then from what Iam today. So, for you guys who thought we will have some problems. My answer for you guys is _NO_

so 2011

I cannot really say much more things now then I'm looking forward to the next year, it's so much new things that I will learn from my three new teammates and of course from my former teammate f0rest :-) I will uploade my config when this blog is out, so stop asking questions about it! haha..

So, I guess what is you'r new fav. team next year is, right ;)?

Till next time
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