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I got an internship in Washington, D.C.!!!

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jun 23, 2009 00:42

The title does not lie!

Today I was bringing in soda for my family's ice cream truck business. As we were walking in, the phone was ringing and the message was about to be tranferred to the answering machine. With three twelve packs in one arm, I awkwardly answered the phone. It was a guy from Alaskan senator Lisa Murkowski's office who was calling about an internship in Washington, D.C. I applied for months prior but did not make the first group's cut.

He told me that there was an opening for the second group and asked if I was interested. I was so pleased that I sounded like a little kid with say, "Yes!"

Anyways, I'll be leaving to begin work on July, 6th and will be there for approximately a month. I need to cut my hippie hair off and shave my 18 year-old goatee because Murkowski's a republican and I look like a badass gamer.

Anyways, I'll be still providing coverage for SK Gaming and will be as close to Europe as I can get.

P.S. to Maly: Sorry, once again, we are on opposite sides of the earth. :P

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