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Installing CSDM and Bots

By Danny 'Dan0r' Wade
Sep 4, 2005 17:16

/* Please note that due to CSDM 2.0 being released and basically the hosting on some of these files being unreliable, this blog may no longer work as of 3/11/05 */
Due to alot of forum posts and request from private messages im going to write a blog on how to install these damn bots and amx mod :P
There will more than likely be spelling mistakes and im welcome to critics. Just dont flame me cause your not wanted :)
First step:
Download the AMXModX installer from]Here[/url]
Second step:
Install to your Program Files, then it will ask to run the installer, do this. Select "Mod Directory" and then press next, select "custom addon" to be Counter-Strike. It will then go crazy installing things to your cstrike, it will edit your liblist.gam (in your cstrike) for you and add your addons > metamod and amxmod :]
Third step:
Download PobBot, originally created for 1.5 but has been edited to be an AMX/Metamod plugin! Get it Here!
Fourth step:
Make a folder in this directory or which ever applies to you:
Fifth step:
Download the CSDM_MOD from[url=
Go to this directory (or which ever applies to you)
Find the "plugins.ini" open it up in notepad and put this at the bottom of it
csdm_mod.amxx ;csdm mod, love to Dan0r @ #g-force:>
save it
edit: You must then copy the csdm_mod.amxx into the folder called Addons/Amxodx/plugins/
Then copy the whole CSDM folder into the addons/amxmodx/ folder to upload all of the required files :>
Then in the same folder as the plugins.ini look for a file called "modules.ini"
The top two sections will look like this:
; ------------------------------
; Fun - provides extra functions
; ------------------------------
; ----------------------------------------------------
; Engine - provides engine functions core to Half-Life
; ----------------------------------------------------
You need to make sure that this bit is identical to the above!
This unlocks the fun and engine for half life/counter-strike :>
Sixth step:
Copy/Paste all of the "Podbot's" files from your downloaded zip into the Addons/Podbot folder, make sure it is exactly like Addons/Podbot/ not Addons/Podbot/Podbot/ which i have seen happen :]
Step numero 7:
Get the podbot_mm.dll from the podbot file and put it addons/metamod/dlls/ folder and in that folder there should be a file called "plugins.ini" open it in notepad and add this to it:
win32 addons/podbot/podbot_mm.dll
Now for step 8:
Open CS type, csdm_enable 1 in console and the bots should automatically flood the server and own each other and hopefully not you. If this doesnt work leave a comment on the blog and i'll edit it accordingly!
EDIT: This is for installing, if you have any questions about actual ingame management of bots then just simply do this
bind "=" "podbotmenu"
or quit in console :D

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