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There will be a 1on1 with Moon, Cypher, Caal and Rapha...

By Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz
Sep 11, 2008 01:32

...I just can't promise you when. The 1on1 interview series is on a break right now.
If I my count is correct, two Wednesdays have gone by and no 1on1s were posted. And you wonder why...

Let's start with the good news. All video that SK shoots at events is shot in 1080 High Definition - this started at the ESWC. We switched to newer equipment which means an upgrade in both speed and the quality of our videos.

The other bit of the good news is that the 1on1 series will bring you:

* Brian "Caal" McPharlin (arguably the best WoW Druid in the world),
* Jang "Moon" JaeHo (the best Warcraft 3 player in the world),
* Alexei "Cypher" Yanushevsky (the best Quake 3 player in the world),
* Shane "SK.rapha" Hendrixson (the no3 Quake 3 player in the world).

The bad news is... that Adobe Premiere simply does not work with m2ts files - the output format of SK's new cameras. This means that I need to figure out a good and efficient way around this problem and it takes time.

Also, the interview with Moon was shot in Korean and... a young lady called Christine "potter" Chi is taking a very long time to translate it. So... go to her profile (link below) and leave her a guestbook message that says "The Fifth Race."

I am doing my best to make the next Wednesday another 1on1 Wednesday!

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