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Stressing portfolio presentation

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Apr 17, 2009 16:39

Today was "the" day, the day where I had to present my portfolio in front of some judges. So stressed!

I first thought that the presentation was going to be in front of 3 judges, but I was slightly mis-informed as I walked into a class full of people waiting to present (and some judges). I think there was around 20 or 25 people in total.

I started presenting my portfolio which included some personal and professional work, they seemed ok with it, not many comments which usually is a good sign because the judges have a reputation of snapping at you/pulling you down/insulting you when they can.

They then asked me what I do in my free time, or work. I directly started talking about SK Gaming, presented the website on the projector and started walking through the website and the functions of it. After 15 minutes of talking about SK they actually started smiling and asking questions about it, how it works, the user base etc, (I answered as much as I could even though to be quite fair, I'm not too familiar with the statisctics of the website).

The judges were , to say the least: impressed, with the website, its functions and user-friendly side. They said I was "lucky" to not only work with a well-developed modern website but also in an area that interests me.

So for that, thanks bds (and anyone who has worked on the developement of this website) for making my presentation a little easier and probably giving me more points on my uni portfolio presentation!

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