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Guiness record top 50 games of all time

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Feb 27, 2009 23:52

I had a little look a the new Guiness World Record book. In it is an interesting part of video games and so on. I found these top 50 games of all time.
Some of them shocked me a little and I was dissapointed to not find some of my favorite games in there, agree or not, this is where you can argue about it. Here they are:

* Super Mario Kart (#1)
* Tetris (#2)
* Grand Theft Auto (#3)
* Super Mario World (#4)
* Zelda Ocarina of Time (#5)
* Halo (#6)
* Resident Evil IV (#7)
* Final Fantasy XII (#8)
* Street Fighter II (#9)
* GoldenEye (#10)
* Super Mario 64 (# 11)
* Tomb Raider (#12)
* Metal Gear Solid (#13)
* Call of Duty 4 (#14)
* Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (#15)
* GTA San Andreas (#16)
* Super Mario Bros (#17)
* Zelda: A Link to the Past (#18)
* Gran Turismo (#19)
* Final Fantasy VII (#20)
* Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (#21)
* The Orange Box (#22)
* Lego Star Wars Complete Saga (#23)
* Tekken 2 (#24)
* Wii Sports (#25)
* Pokemon Red/Blue (#26)
* Guitar Hero (#27)
* Project Gotham Racing 4 (#28)
* Super Mario Galaxy (#29)
* Resident Evil (#30)
* Ico (#31)
* Chrono Trigger (#32)
* Gunstar Heroes (#33)
* Soul Calibur (#34)
* Advance Wars (#35)
* Ridge Racer (#36)
* Super Metroid (#37)
* Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (#38)
* GTA Vice City (#39)
* BioShock (#40)
* Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (#41)
* The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (# 42)
* God of War (#43)
* Sega Rally Championship (#44)
* Starfox 64 (#45)
* Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (#46)
* WarioWare, Inc. (#47)
* Saturn Bomberman (#48)
* Crash Bandicoot (#49)
* Outrun 2 (#50)

F*ck trees, i climb buoys

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Feb 24, 2009 04:42

One boring morning ya'll!

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Feb 20, 2009 08:48

Boredem can be a wonderful tool of humour and entertainment.
*Putting you in scene* I had been having trouble sleeping recently, having slept 4hours in total the last 3 days. One morning, being at uni and bored, I had a thrilling conversation with Gary a.k.a Assassin...this is how it went down.

Binteh : Wassup G
Assassin: Sup G!
Assassin: nothing here
Assassin: and you?
Binteh: chillin with the homies in the institutional crib
Assassin: Haha, sounds like a fine place to hang yo
Binteh: its down for sure
Assassin: fo shizzle nizzle
Assassin: did you participate in this thing called sleep, by any chance?
Binteh: for sure, i passed out after hanging with my brothers
Assassin: oh your time was so dope you couldnt stay awake no mo'?
Binteh: i got woken up by this crazy bitch called Alarm though
Assassin: oh dayum
Assassin: she be trippin'?
Binteh: thought i was gonna cap one in her ass
Assassin:oh yeh fo realz fo realz
Binteh: she be way over-trippin
Assassin: then you headed to the crib with the homies?
Binteh: yeah man, we be testing out our tagging in this road with a big wall called 3rd Photoshop street
Binteh: it be a trippin place fo sure
Assassin: ahh I heard legends bout that place, it's gonna be pimpin' fo sure
Assassin: although I think I may be passin' out soon too, bitch be up in my grill all night, aint got a chance to chill with the sleep
Binteh: ohman you be trippin, hit up some of that shit that bob diddle B gave you and pass out, we gonna be out playin and fraggin tonight,you godda be top ur game niggar
Assassin: yeh I know wut you sayin foo', just times are tough man, sleep be slowin' me down you namesayin? but i'll be hitting up that shit that...bob diddle B gave me soon yo
Assassin: you be havin any cans on you btw sucka? any headpHones?
Binteh: i never leave the crib without them foolio, you be trippin like coolio
Assassin: yeh man ur right, i be trippin' there
Assassin: hit this shit up then foo'
Assassin: kleiner hai is the new eminem, namesayin?
Binteh: he da man
Assassin: ohhh yeh he be pimpin'
Assassin: anyway sucka I be skatin' off to bed now, you enjoy tagging up dat street and i'll see you tonight fo shizzle ma nizzle
Binteh: aigh, im outa here too
Binteh: peace

What I did on my Valentines

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Feb 15, 2009 04:28

I did sweet F-all!
I've always hated valentines day. I think its more of a jealousy thing really. All, or most of, my friends are in a relationship and brag to me about the suprise they're organising or expected to receive and then they ask me: "So what are you doing?"


That's about how exciting my day went today. Woke up late, expected nothing to happen, and indeed, nothing did.

I played a little WoW to start of the morning quietly, was enjoyable and relaxing as ever!

Then chatted a bit, played some counter-strike friendly gather (which was rather pleasant on my part actually) with immo, Malystrix, stromm(?), Taylor, Bubbs, Assassin, Eqlipze, Kaze, WarLokk,'t remember the rest coz I had no idea who you were, sorry :( so thank you for the highlight of my day?! (as exciting as it was...)

To round off the lovely evening I play an ESL game with Seb(FLLAANNNS), Taylor, Xaky and Carlzon which actually cheered me up so thanks for that guys?!

So many people cheered my up today (without knowing they did!) so thanks alot!!!!!!!! hugs for everyone!

15 good reasons why to start playing!

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Feb 9, 2009 23:01

Reasons why gaming isn't evil and wont kill kittens everytime you think about it or do it!
I'm sick and tired of people saying gaming sucks, it's evil, it makes you shoot students and eat babies, wtf grow up. Those who say that are those who've obviously never ever gamed and know jack shit about it!

You know what makes people eat babies? ignorant people who don't notice or care about whats happening to the people around them until its too late.

On a brighter note! I found 15 good reasons as to why gaming is the bees knees!

* Developing empathy in young people
* Post-traumatic stress therapy
* Pain distraction
* Physical rehab
* Visual acuity
* Hand-eye coordination
* Simulating real experiences
* Problem-solving
* Sparking imagination
* Cognitive health
* Understanding how others think
* Social connections
* Tech advancements
* Exer-gaming
* Fun

Roses are red, I want you dead

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Feb 6, 2009 10:08

Gaming is like the wife you can't divorce, yet you can't stand being in the same room as her. You hate it so much yet you can't stop loving it and coming back to it...again...and again.
Have you ever had (or have for that matter) a wife that you love physically and mentally, yet you know you shouldn't or something about her is so annoying it makes you want to just...dump it all?

That's exactly what gaming is for me. I love it so much (true geek words). I love it that you can jump on a server, make some amazing headshots that even sometimes amaze you which inevitably make around 8 people rage who then ban you, in just a couple of minutes time (even though to be fair I very rarely go on public servers).

The thing I appreciate the most about gaming though is of course the mix of cultures it brings together, for instance, nearly the whole of Europe is represented on my ventrilo where we often mix or gather. I love that I can just play any game and chat at the same time, it's so relaxing, even after having spent a whole day working in front of a computer screen.

LANs are always good to go too as well. There has been a couple of games where I would hold on to my seat because I'm ready to jump up at the amazing game thats happening in front of my eyes (sad but true).

On the other hand...boy oh boy. For everyone that does follow the scene or esports as a whole you know how much DRAMA there is that follows it. Forget Eastenders, The Bold and the Beautiful or even Friends, wait ti'll you hear the stuff that happens around esports. Big Brother should stick 5 female and 5 male gamers in a web cafe for a couple of weeks, now that'll be a show worth watching!

Raging is pretty common too (oh you've got to love the UK scene who've become professionals at it, yup, insulting is apparently cool). But then again, I don't blame some people who rage sometimes. Getting hit by a 16 bitter through the smoke for the 8th round in a row is raging material.

It is however a shame that wallhacking has become so far spread that we have hard times believing a genuine good player and directly suspect him of hacking. Too good placed wallbangs on Nuke or awp shots through mid doors at Dust2 directly lead to suspicions when sometimes it just comes down to common sense and knowing the opponent. The fact that i'm currently trying to dispute right now why esports sucks sometimes is actually make me hate it more.

There may be more negatives for me (oh i could list a whole lot more), but like in most cases, the few positive ones still outway them, just like your forbiden love towards someone! (aww!)

WCG near death car accident!

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Nov 10, 2008 19:16

Yeah...I nearly got into a "little" car accident after WCG...

Basically, my family wanted to discover eSports at WCG (Cologne, Germany), find out what its all about and why I always talk about eSports. They drove down with the BMW which is basically my car, just not allowed to drive it yet as I dont have a license (working on that now though).

After WCG was over, we were in a bit of a rush as we had booked a restaurant in Belgium (Tienen) and we didn't want to end up too late there because my father had to go to Switzerland early in the morning and I had to catch my train back to my flat in France the next day too.

We were on the German motorway (unlimited speed) when suddenly this slow poke stupid electric car decided to switch to the second lane to pass a truck while we were coming at a speed of around 170/180kmph. My brother who was driving luckely noticed it early on and managed to break in time, we were just a few cms off the car in front. The audi behind us was also driving around 170kmph and thankfully noticed what was happening too and managed to break in time. But the cheer breaking power at that speed hurt my spinal cord as my head was backlashing. So everyone is fine and got to drive back home safely, except for my back which is now stiff as a stone.

It did get me thinking though, geek as I am, wow, you really have to have quick reactions in life, it could mean the difference between life and death. I'm guessing SK don't have a problem with that ? :D

On a more serious note, I'll be going home one or two days late as I don't fancy taking the train in my state and hopefully my spinal cord will be feeling better in two days? Want to spend a day more with the people that mean the most to me (even though some can't be here, but I'll think of them a lot instead). Nothing happened but my head is still shook up about it all and have a lot of things to think of recently. So if you're around, msg me on msn and I'll reply when I can, other then that, I won't be around much for the following days.

Binteh's WCG experience - day 1

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Nov 6, 2008 08:42

Day 1 -

So we arrived at our hotel around lunchtime, but the actual event and starting ceremony didn't start until 4ish in the afternoon. Therefor, we set on a little trip around Cologne to find the beauty of the city, der Kolne Dom, a huge cathedral build around 1880 with some of the most colourful glass windows i've ever seen. What better idea then to climb to the top and view the city from up there? yeah right...509 steps up... but I did it! By the time i was back down my legs were hurting and I was too knackered to think or walk, so how would we get to the event? Just take a cab of course... yeah great idea, we got conned... a milage metre? what's that? just give me 10 euros (for a predicted 5euros fare)

We got into a very, very empty Koelnmess where a few people would be running around, mostly aimlessly, otherwise waiting for something to happen. The press regsitration itself has never been as easy as this, in and out with your pass. Onto the press conference where the heads would introduce the future project (most interestingly GameQuest, a new TV program based on and around games and competitivness held in Los Angeles). They also presented 3 professional players to the press to give them an idea as to what gamers think of WCG and what they would like WCG to present to the public and find a good balance between player and viewer satisfaction.

After this we went straight to the players arena (hall 8) where this huge hall was the home of around...oh...1000 pcs? Pretty empty so far, only a couple of referees and wcg officials about just messing around. The samsung stand was quite impressive, a mix of simplicity and technology, beautiful. Other then that your usual stuff, razer , wcg tshirt sales (lol @ prices) and so on... the actual counter-strike area (accessible to +16 only) was ...umm..dissapointing. It definitly wasn't the main attraction of this event.

There has been a couple of faces i recognise like "Hey...i've seen you stalk me on SK-gaming before" and things like that. Also met people i had been chatting to for ages but never been able to put a face to their nickname and now finally can! Saw Carmac and bds too (deary me Carmac is small really...)

Onto the opening ceremony, well...your usual misshaps. Forgeting how to pronounce countries or even give the wrong country name to the wrong flag (fantastic) and some really really loud fireworks (but they were about as big as hand, a lot of noice for nothing) and the lighting of the flame which was...really really really dissapointing. A 15 inch monitor suddenly projected a flame on the screen in an empty black corner...we really had to look for it when they said they had lit it.

The press area itself is satisfying with free drinks and cookies (that's Iceman's wet dreams accomplished)! Unfortunatly it's a long ...long..long walk back to the hotel so for tonight, a cab again will do. So we payed 7euros back to the hotel (at night fare) and are now going to enjoy a well deserved rest and get up early in the morning to watch the group plays! So this is it for me tonight, good night!

Bintehs Inferno Flight Blog

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Jul 9, 2008 00:27

Right thats it: i've taken the resolution to record every single one of my flights on this
blog as everytime I take a plane something wierd happens or goes through my mind and I think to myself "damn, I wish someone was here to experience it with me".

I am currently on the 18:40 Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Karlsruhe Baden-Baden (Germany) to go back to my flat in Strasbourg (France) after spending a wonderful 2 weeks in London with Assassin. The weather is pretty nice and it's not been a too bumpy ride so far even though the weather is pretty doubtful.

As i got to the airport everything was fine, I have taken the habit of arriving 2 hours
early before my flight ,as, well..airports are airports, no matter how new and organised" they seem. I did good, as i arrived at my luggage check in the woman asks me for my booking number.
Now normaly this never happens , normally with ryanair all you do is show your passport, they type in your name into your computer and voila, the booking shows up. So that kinda pissed me off as I had to do a looong queuing at the Ryanair information desk to recuperate my booking number.
A strange fellow was standing in front of me, slightly smaller, in flip flops, with those wierd black things they stick in ear piercings to make the hole grow. He had a heavy tan though i think that probably had something to do with his spanish/mexican genes. He was like a mix of the leader of Incubus and the main dude in Linkin Park if you now what i mean.
Anyway, he walks off asking me to look after his luggage for a min. Theres me standing in middle of the queue, with luggage of a stranger, wondering what the fuck to do. I had no time to say no to the dude so was I to keep his luggage in the queue for when he comes back or alert the nearest officer. As i was pissing in my pants wondering what to do (for about 5 minutes) the man suddenly comes back, he had to piss in his pants too but he actually went to the loo.

Anyway, I go back to the luggage check in desk with my booking number and stand in the queue.
As i bend over to pick my sunglasses i had dropped a group of young germans suddenly jump in front of me of the queue, i thought to myself "yeah as if you didnt see me just because i was bending over you twat" so just to make sure i kinda coughed out loudely as in "fuck you". No response. Yes ladies and gentleman, you'll find that there is a connection to being death and blind at the same time, it;s called rudeness. Anyway, fair enough they;re in a "hurry".

Finally checked in, I wait patiently at Gate 45 to get on the plane (that is late, yet again).Tired of standing up (as there are not enough seats, YEY for stansted airport) I decide to just sit my lazy bum in front of the gate on the floor so all I have to do when board is stand up and YEY i'm in the queue. As they start boarding guess who I come accross. Yes, the same group of germans. Now this time do they not only decide to barge in front of me but they actually push a woman with her 3month or so baby out of the way. Lesson learned: germans with barbie blonde hair, a vodafone t-shirt , shorts and jesus shoes are arseholes. What do they think? that the plane is gonna come down quickly pick up some people and leave , driveby style?
I hate ignorant retards.

I finally get on the plane and i just have to LOL at the seats name: 3 seats on the right called " D E F " and 3 seats on the left called " C B A "...I always have to chuckled at my geekiness when i see that. I'm on seat D , an empty seat next to me and a sort of Indian of some sort business man on the window seat F.

On this flight I was kind of amazed at how the media brainwashed me, because the first thingi thought when i saw this beared dark skin coloured man was = TERRORIST. everytime he ruffled through his plastic bag to pick up something i was waiting for a detonator or a gun or something, to appear, but it always ended up being a packet of crisps or a bottle of coke. So i started wondering if it was possible to create a sort of bomb with crisps and coke. Maybe the greasy salty crisps would react with the chemical sugary coke and create a big bang! or maybe he could create some sort of air bomb with the bottle and the plastic crisp bag. I thought to myself: nonsense,
stop being so brainwashed Binteh! Then for some reason i started thinking: "What would Chuck Norris do with those two items if he wanted to take over a plane?" If he had turned to the dark side that is. (By the way, I pray to god he doesnt speak english or he;d be able to read this). Maybe chuck norris would eat all of the crisps and drink all of the coke in order to make himself ill, catch everyones attention while his accomplice tried breaking into the cockpit.
I start gazing into the airplane, looking for another coloured man to see if maybe thats
what this man was doing. Then i slapped for being so brainwashed and ignorant. THis poor man was a man like any other on a business trip and theres me making out stories that he's some evil man.

I would like to immediatly apologize to this man in case he ever reads this, I didnt mean to judge you or anybody else. I blame the media!

Seatbelt sign has just gone off so that it for me now. However, I'm taking another flight tomorrow,so i'm sure you'll hear from me again.

WCG predictions vs. the actual scores

By Elke 'Binteh' Binteh
Nov 12, 2009 12:23

Here's my predictions (the ones you saw in Thorin's WCG prediction article) and then the actual results of the groups... unfortunatly, I'm too tired/busy/forgetful to actually vote for the games...could have made a lot of SK credits otherwise...

Group A

1. Millenium
2. AEON.gamesense

Actual results:
1. Millenium
2. Parallax

Paral...who? what? this is a random second seed in that group I have to say, I would have bet my arm on the fact that Parallax wouldn't pass the group stages. wierd. However, in the playoffs they will be playings against or mousesports, or tp.uSports or Turmoil...will not be an easy ride for them that's for sure. And well, millenium seeded first of course.

Group B

1. fnatic
2. wNv

Actual results:
1. wNv
2. fnatic

I knew Firegamers were a good team, and I honestly hesitated to put them as second seed, however, wNv just looked so promising, and Firegamers can't only be winning on hope. BUT...that game of firegamers against fnatic?! wow wow wow. I'm not quite sure what's happening at the moment actually, some people say the round differences between wNv and FG are the same, other website say it isnt. So who is it now that seeded 2nd? Not a clue... too tired to look it up, havent slept in 2 days.

Update: ok so, they found out who was seeded second and now they changed again with fnatic, some wierd BS crap about the round difference between each of the games between fnatic/firegamers/wNv which "just so happens" to work in wNv's favour. Whatever, it's a mess and I'm too tired to start complaining about that decision.

Group C

1. mTw
2. Power Gaming

Actual results:
1. mTw
2. Power Gaming

Wowow, I knew Power Gaming had a CHANCE of seeding second, but I had no idea they would do it in such style and with such commitment. I can only say congratulations, their games were entertaining to watch, in particular mTw vs. Power Gaming. in the group on the other hand were really dissapointing, they lost their gaming soul. mTw again, I'm happy for them but not satisfied. I KNOW they can play much better than they have, even though they played well and seeded 1st, I'm not sure it's going to be enough to reach far in the playoffs if they play like this. If mTw turn their engines on and play their A-game though..then I definitly think they are a contenstant for the final.

Group D

1. H2k
2. Duskbin

Actual results:
1. H2k
2. Duskbin

Well...common...that wasn't exactly hard to figure out.

Group E

1. k23
2. esq.wind

Actual results:

Ok, please don't tell anyone I said this, but TeG actually played well. Wouldn't think I'd say this in a million year but what the heck! As for k23, I'm getting more and more convinced by them. They'll be facing fnatic in the playoffs though, not exactly the easiest opponent.

Group F

1. Mousesports

Actual Results:

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA...... and I quote "on a personal note" UNLUCKY. Seriously, how can you win against and then completely and uterly fail versus SnG?'ll never hear the end of this. Anyway, congrats to the Russians, I knew they could make it. As for Turmoil...meh...we'll see but not expecting much in playoffs.

Group G

Predicted Results:
1. AGAiN
2. TyLoo

Actual Results:
1. TyLoo
2. AGAiN

I do that everytime, I keep underestimating TyLoo and overestimating AGAiN who, even though are a very good team ,just aren't what they used to be. TyLoo on the other hand made it very exciting to watch.

Group H

Predicted Results:
1. Hellraisers
2. Team EG

Actualy Results:
.1 Hellraisers
2. Team EG

Putting a bet on Hellraisers was risky business, but I knew that if they played their A game they would easily do it and I'm not dissapointed in the least. Watching them play was a delight and EG vs. Hellraisers made me remember why I love spectating games. Thank you.

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