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Esports Coverage

By 'Augury'
Jul 4, 2008 11:53

This is basically a blog going over basic aspects of esports coverage that needs to be changed. I filed it under Wc3, because that's the game I have the most experience with.

I believe that one of the most hindering aspects behind esports is the online coverage. I don't think esports needs to take a television coverage route, it's different than any other sport and the coverage should be different. Esports should consist of multiple leagues with tons of games, and it's just not feasible for that to all be done through conventional means.

Many games allow great tools to watch your favorite games, through demos and replays, which is great. The one thing that needs to change however is the ability to display leagues and sponsors more clearly. The problem with replays in Wc3 is that sponsors and the leagues don't have any easy way to advertise to the viewer. Doodads on maps are not the answer, it doesn't work very well and makes it a pain for the viewer to watch the replays(downloading maps). A simple section needs to be enabled in the replays file for sponsors and the league to include their logo. Replays sites get their traffic because players need to get the replays from them, but when the viewer downloads from the replay hosting site, that doesn't bring the league or league sponsor any interaction and that's a big problem.

Another issue is just the poor support given to online streams. It needs to be obvious at what times any specific leagues are having a match. WTV is an amazing feature for Wc3 and DOTA viewers for online matches. The same can be said for HLTV, however these really don't do anything for LAN events. Viewers are not going to get the same feel of the game if they're watching it through these tools instead of a live stream that shows the crowd and the players faces and the commentary, we need to make it more exciting and allow the viewer to really get into it.

Live Streams at the moment are by far the most disappointing part about esports. This streams are where viewers can really get into the events, but they're just not very accessible. It's hard to find the feed to begin with and each league uses a different plugin or program to stream their feeds. The feeds are then really slow and the commentary is typically in only one language. I would like to see a program that listed leagues/tournaments into sections that would then allow you to view the past few streams, any current streams, and give you the time and date of future streams in the timezone you've selected. I would also like links attached to the current and future streams giving a detailed schedule of the event.

News sites are great, but it's like reading the newspaper to see the results instead of watching the World Cup. It's hard for viewers to get interested when the only truly accessible medium is a newspaper and typically a poor one at that. SK Gaming is one of the best places for Esports news, but even then it's lacking in coverage and at times it's hard to find what you're looking for.

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