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Delpan Good Luck

By Alexandr '5ARRZyx' Polienko
Feb 2, 2012 19:55

"Thank you all for the support during my time in the scene! I made my goals so I cant be happier, I proved Im a great AWPer and obviously not only a internet player ;) Will for sure miss travel around the world playing big tournaments, but Its time to move on so peace out! /Delpanlolol"

"It all happened because I was so unmotivated and I didn't give the time and motivation for CS lately, that's the reason why I'm no longer in SK."

"I didn't feel it was fun playing lately and I got unmotivated so it's kind of hard to play when you're not motivated and not enjoying the game like I did in the summer."

"I guess not, I'm okay with what I've done in the CS scene and I've reached my goals so I don't think I'll come back, but like I've said before, you can never say never. Also I'd like to thank all the fans out there."


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