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SK Pre-Gamescom 2012 Bootcamp - Day 1
SK Office Cologne
The benefits of being an SK Player
The Janitors workplace
IEM Trophys
Moar Trophies!
SK Brotkohl
Its Christmas time Ocelote
Kevin flexing for the camera
Nyph unpacking some more SteelSeries gear
Packaging too stronk
SK Araneae - The funny guy
SK Kev1n totally in love with the Frost experience
Rambo: Its blue light. Hamid: What does it do? Rambo: It turns blue
Happyfacecelote is happy
SK Araneae setting up his workspace
Yellowstar Pentakillface

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7 Aug 2012

Some Daily impressions from the SK pre-gamescom stuff happening in the SK Office in Cologne.

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Gamescom 2012
By: Pad93
Photos: 34
Visits: 47,350
SK Pre-Gamescom 2012 Bootcamp - Day 1
By: HcK
Photos: 17
Visits: 49,515

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