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Blizzard worldwide invitational 2008
Blizzard worldwide invitational 2008, Paris, Europe
Main entrance
The scene on the 1st floor
The mainstage on the second floor
The frozen throne
The wow-players were there as well, setting up
You could do funny things like this..
C with e NE!
Me riding the turtle!
A part of Team EG
Repins from SK pve-squad
Repins fixed the music
Hydra from Nihilum
Cherez from Nihilum
Neilyo from joined as well
Neilyo again
Beasteh and Hydra from Nihilum
Kamy and Repins from SK pve
Mackzter from SK pve
2GD looking hot
Thygore from SK pve
Mackzter, Kamy and Sammy sitting by the window. Then we have kint from pancemic sitting in the chair, and Thygore and Beasteh in the bed.
vhell joined for a while
Thygore and Sammy
C and Repins..
This is a great picture.
Kint and Neilyo
It wasnt enough with only C, Repins wanted more.
This is just.. no words.
Goodnight Repins
Haha kint and 2GD
Breakie was gooood
Nitrana from Pandemic
Fnatic guy
Bloodelf guy I guess
Carmac and 2GD
A lot of ppl were excited to see the opening cermony
Opening cermony begins
Cute vhell with the amazing eyelashes
MOB playing a match in the wow progamer area
Pandemic setting up
We bought some stuff for the evening..
ToD playing on stage preparing for their stagematch
Nitrana watched some wc3-matches
2GD and vhell - The wow shoutcasters vs World elite playing a match up close playing
Serennia from
Council of mages playing
Council of mages playing and a lot of ppl watching
Johnny_R at the koreanbbq
Jonas and the korean wine! Was actually pretty good
The cute koreanguy and the good food and of c Jonas
Finding Serennia..
Best wallpaper ever
Hydra and Cherez chilling at the hotel
Beasteh trying to open a beer with the fucked up opener..
vhell also had a beer!
NoktyN still standing strong
Little Phil from sapped cows cant say moo
Caal, NoktyN and Johnny_R
Hydra and 2GD
In the smokingarea outside the hotel
Kungen from Nihilum and Johnny_R
Team Nihilum featuring Hydra, Beasteh and Cherez
Hydra and kintt
Johnny_R looking hot
Gamer chillout area
Much needed cpus
Korea 4tw
Gamers just chilling
The WoW-finals are about to begin
Council of mages interviewed
Improved clicks played it a little differently
vhell and Teza at the dinner
Gotfrag guys
NeT and some warcraftmovieguys
Cherez and Phil
Paul aka Zsu
FoV and SaSe
Best korean guy ever. From Council of mages
Lyn was also there
C and the best bartender ever
We told the bartender to make strong white russians..
My fav. guys
Cherez took a nap
We woke him up, dunno if he was too happy about it though
Nate aka kintt
C sleeping.
Kint, me and C chilling
Godfather took those awesome pictures
Some hour later..
C is still sleeping in the hallway..

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1 Jul 2008

Pictures from WWI 2008, enjoy!

No, Repins and C are not gay. They were just drunk ;/

Big shoutout to all the nice ppl I met there.
So much love!
Cya soon ;D

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